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  1. I recently started printing with colorfabb_xt red and when I ran into this issue I decided to print it in normal colorfabb red. At this point I didn't know what was causing this. I've had my colorfabb settings dialed in for some time so I was surprised to see this in that filament as well. I don't use tweak at z so and the fan comes on at 1mm (50% for XT and 100% for PLA). I print the XT at 245 and the PLA at 200. The place where it start messing up is different for each print. the XT had tiny fuzz all over it almost like hair. I suspect the printer but I need help figuring this one out
  2. I received this response from support about the acceptable tolerances. Hope that helps anyone else wondering what the acceptable tolerances is. For us non-engineering peeps, that means the total deviation can be .175mm for the 8mm rods and .14mm for the 6mm rods. Not sure how you get a .02mm layer height with those specs but ok. I don't usually go bellow .1mm but even then i would think you would want better than .05mm.
  3. The results are in. I setup a spot to measure the rods with my dial gauge and the results are pretty bad. Of the 8mm rods 2 were .003" (0.0762mm) off, one was .004" (0.1016mm) off, and one was .006" (0.1524mm) off. Of the two 6mm rods one was less than .001 (0.0254mm) off and one was .008" (0.2032mm) off. I'm pretty sure these were damaged in shipping.
  4. Apparently I didn't have the 6mm shafts in my cart so I started looking for those but the BOM says CF53 steel which is apparently 1050 in US standards. Any idea if 52100 Bearing Steel (hardened) and chrome plated would be better or worse?
  5. Thanks for the reply. The problem is that I have bent rods in my printer and these new rods are the warranty replacements. Seeing these bent as well I was curious what the acceptable tolerances were to see if maybe these were bent in shipping. These were just rolling around in the box when I opened it so it's possible. I was going to get them from Misumi before I found out they would be replaced under warranty. Before I do order a set though I want to get these measured with my dial gauge and see how bad they are bent. Rolling them against each other was just my initial test to see how str
  6. Anyone know what the straightness tolerances are for the print head and x/y linear shafts? For the print head shafts I can put the two side by side and rotate one and see a gap forming between the two and then go away. What's an acceptable amount of defection in the rods before it affects the print? Are there any tips for straitening them? Thanks John
  7. I have one printed in yellow that I never used if your interested.
  8. yes, the screenshot is the layer view in Cura. The problem is that it does not print the insides of the letters and numbers on the first layer. It doesn't start till the second layer and that gives it a weak bond to the build plate.
  9. Anyone have an idea why the printer would print something different than what Cura shows should be printing? Inside the letters, logo, and numbers are all missing
  10. Here is where I wish I knew C++ better and could help. BTW, thanks Daid for all the hard work you have put into this.
  11. Yes I do software development for a living for a global corporation and yes that is the story of my life where I work. I was not aware of it being open source but I'm guessing it wasn't written in .net and probably c++ so I wouldn't be able to offer much assistance there.
  12. Look, I'm not just some Joe Shmoe throwing around the multithreading keyword without understanding what it is I'm asking. I understand that multithreading with linear tasks is a challenging problem to solve but I also am of the opinion that we as developers should make every effort to make good use of the hardware available to us. IMO Performance is Key and as developers we shouldn't settle for just good enough. Suporting multiple CPUs/cores should be a foundation of every application and the best places to implement it and avoid it should be considered early on in the design. Some of the res
  13. I know multithreading can't solve every problem and isn't always the best answer but that's not what we're talking about here. Cura doesn't take advantage of multithreading where it can (besides the seperation of the UI and the engine which goes without saying) and that is my only complaint. No offense intended but I don't think it is a poor focus. I too am a software developer so I'm not just speaking out of my butt here.
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