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  1. Excellent, I am going to try getting one of those right now!
  2. The fan that cools the extruder, the part where the plastic comes out (as opposed to the dual fans) is very noisy and loud on my Ultimaker 2. I know it is this because when I stop the fan with my finger it is very quiet. This was confirmed when I visited another Maker Space and theirs was very quiet even though the fan was running. Where can I get another one from? It seems basic but has not listing on the fan. I contacted Ultimaker but haven't heard back and do not see it listed on the store. Now that I know they can be quieter I am eager to get a replacement. Thank you for any information.
  3. Excellent, thank you for the quick and easy lesson.
  4. How do you upload pictures to this forum? I click in the "My Media" button and it brings up an interface but there is no way to upload a fresh image. How do you do that?
  5. Interesting, I am going to be using 95% PLA types on here. I was thinking it would stay moderately flat, especially if heated on a level surface - maybe not. Think you can just replace the glass with this material?
  6. Haven't read this in years, came to this conclusion a little late in the thread but my disappointment is fresh. Like others have said, this was advertised and promised long ago. I understand it may working with the Original but that's why I bought the version 2: because of it's future ready tendencies. I feel a little bad I convinced my fiends to get this one because of the dual extrusion feature too... It feels a little like those new iPads - same thing in a taller/flatter/smaller package - when the real time and effort could have been true innovation. Like in the feeder, or dual extrusion. Or, in the Apple analogy, when gestures were introduced. I think that the framework is solid but remove the feeder and hot end and start fresh. Use the existing rails and pulleys for the hot end and the existing mounts for the feeder and build off of those. It is possible, I'm sure there are more ways to do it once you abandon the current model and make a different version that scraps some but doesn't leave you with an entirely blank slate. Clearly others have been doing it, it is present in the first version, and it must be made before any fabled UM3 comes out. See a working kit here: http://3dprint.com/31460/dual-extruder-ultimaker/ That being said I wish I would have realized this long ago and will be trying to tackle implementing this on the side. Thanks for everyone's super thorough discussion.
  7. I will check into that. As long as it sticks just as well it might be worth a shot. This could really increase my time between prints and keeping it running hot so as not to cool down.
  8. Has anyone heard of a flexible build plate before? These look awesome and I am wondering about size and the possibility of finding one that fits a regular UM2? https://www.adafruit.com/products/2233 This seems like it would be a really great way to get things off the plate without jarring, forcing, or otherwise forcefully removing it.
  9. After adjusting the firmware I was able to get a MUCH more consistent level on the print bead between jobs. Thanks for all the hard work, that really helped dial in the experience!
  10. @Drayson, I try to take it out nice and easy. It happens even if it comes off of the plate no problem. I have version 14.03 I will upgrade and try some more. @fluxline, How would I check that?
  11. I am having trouble keeping the build plate level between prints. I dial it in, calibrate it, and it prints great. Then, EVERY time I go for a new print, without even turning it off, the plate, when it comes time to lay down the first layer, is many millimeters off (either +/-). How do I fix it so it goes back to the same place every time instead of needing to calibrate before every print... Thanks for any tips!
  12. I have seen my axels start to move back and froth. They push out a little bit on the ends of the case. I have noticed it shifts my print so it is a problem. How do I fix this?
  13. I wanted to take a poll and see the different rates of success for Ultimaker 2 owners. I have been using this machine for about 6 months and am getting about a 25% completion rate. That is, 1 in 4 prints make it out of the machine. (Printing things that take under an hour) My friend said that is dismal, but for me this is a good streak. What is your normal success rate?
  14. I am looking to get this file printed and shipped: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-um2-feeder-version-two I live in Washington State. I am looking for a quote on price to print and ship. I have PayPal and that would be my preferred method. Hoping for something under $20. Thank you
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