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  1. An interesting new program is Autodesk Print Studio, which seems to be a sort of upgraded version of Meshmixer. It's in open beta or something I think, and is part of their Spark platform. It generates similar support structures but has a much nicer UI, have yet to print using it but looks promising. (It's meant to be a slicer in its own right but you can export STL)
  2. Ok I have emailed Dream3D and am awaiting a response, hopefully they will be able to do something, seeing that it is still under warranty. I have checked the buildplate and no screws are sticking up but thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Both: As you say, I think it's likely that the frame is causing the level not to work. But is there anything that the reseller could do seeing that I've had it for 9 months now?
  4. Hi all, When I bought my UM2 back in February, I noticed that the front left corner didn't touch the table that I'd put it on, but I assumed the table surface wasn't flat and thought nothing of it. Recently though I moved it onto a surface that I know IS flat, and can see now that the frame itself definitely is lopsided - the FL corner is about 5mm off the ground. A bit of context: As well as other under-extrusion related problems I've had with this printer, I've never been able to achieve a good level - the back left corner of the bed always seems to be a bit higher than the rest, meaning that first layers don't show up there, the head being too close to the bed (or they do but are far too high everywhere else, depending on how I level it). Are the two related, and is there a way that I can fix this - would it be viable to somehow loosen all of the screws and re-tighten them with the frame properly built? Best, Damon
  5. Hi closedcircuit, do you know what caused the "drowning" of the filament? Because my friend has had the exact same problem and I'm replacing the PT100B on his after he stripped it from the socket trying to cut away a huge block of PLA. However, he doesn't know what caused it and the best I could give was to make sure the Bowden is all the way into the PTFE. Cheers
  6. Fine, I'll do that then. Something like this maybe: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Converter-Power-Regulator-Voltage-Step/dp/B00E5VGWT8
  7. I'm considering buying a raspberry pi and camera module, and installing OctoPrint, or more possibly 3DPrinterOS (due to its support for UltiGCode and access anywhere, not just on the LAN), and am wondering whether it's possible to power the Pi directly from the Arduino board of the UM2. (which I believe is an arduino Mega, right?) Could I just power it off the 5V/GND pins (using a splitter or breadboard) if they are already in use? Or would this draw too much current from the circuit and affect the function of the printer itself? It would be great if I could, so I can just glue the Pi onto the inside/underside of the printer and not worry about it or know it's there. thanks
  8. Let me first say that I love Ultimaker's printers and their ethos: I am about to buy a UM2 and, to be honest, this news about the dual extruder hasn't influenced my decision really, considering I don' think I would ever really need one. It was the right decision for Ultimaker, and I am pleased with the extended warranty, and their willingness to give (old) users spare parts when they need them. One thing bothers me though: the way that this news, of a fundamental change of direction for the company, was announced: especially considering that it is all over Twitter and basically everywhere you look that a dual extruder will be released in Q1 2015. After researching various 3D printers, I decided on the UM2, and remembered vaguely seeing something somewhere about no more dual extruder upgrade. I spend about 30 mins googling and couldn't find a thing - and then days later happened, by luck, to come accross this thread while on the forums. This bothers me that it is so hard to find such important information, and makes me think that they should at least put a prominent notice on the main website displaying this. Otherwise I believe strongly in Ultimaker and think they have handled this whole thing relatively well
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