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  1. Well i still cant purchase the new extruder assembly without purchasing the entire kit (which comes with things i dont need). Yes certain replacement parts are available, but other parts are not. I simply want ultimaker to offer the parts individually, thats all
  2. At a glance it looks like an upgrade kit would be relatively easy since the core design of the ultimaker hasnt changed. all the necessary hardware mounting seem to be there, so i dont see what could be so difficult. furthermore, i dont even have the option to even try to upgrade it myself since ultimaker doesnt make the parts available.
  3. So i am an ultimaker 2 owner, and bought the damn thing because ultimaker assured there would be a dual extrusion kit for the UM2. I made a post earlier this year and you guys said that it was not possible to get dual extrusion. so seems like releasing UM3 is a slap to the face of all UM2 owners. that being said, will you release a dual extrusion upgrade kit for UM2 owners?
  4. I just bought this 5 minutes ago, I hope this $400 investment is worth it, because my printer has been a $2500 brick unable, to print a single thing for the past few months. I think ive spent more time trying to fix all the issues, than actually printing.
  5. 2nd half of Q1, whens this gonna drop? i desperately need this, the current extruder is unreliable and is causing many failed prints. im gonna need the entire upgrade, olsson block, extruder, hot end, quieter fans (loudest thing on the printer). an eta would be nice.
  6. I can't seem to be able to upload my image on ultimaker :/ https://ultimaker.com/en/community/prints/1865-tiny-bearing
  7. Heres my entry! I printed the Gorilla with bamboo and i thought i would put him in a banana kiddiepool https://ultimaker.com/en/community/prints/1758-gorilla-in-banana-kiddiepool
  8. Version 1.0


    Entry for contest. Gorilla printed with Colorfabb bamboo fill Bananas printed with Colorfabb XT Yellow Kittypool printed with Colorfabb XT Blue Photograph shot with Canon 60D swimming pool in the background. Gorilla designed by Bauermaker (https://www.youmagine.com/designs/lowpolymonsta) Bananas and Kiddiepool designed by me
  9. @danilius by manually do you mean push through with my hand or "move material" option.
  10. @magneto Yea i tried both extremes and everything else in the middle. still extrusion issues. @frederiekpascal yes i have tried lowering the the temp down to 190 and as high as 240. at 190 nothing comes out and anything above 250 the pla starts burning and smoking. (i litterally saw smoke coming out of the nozzle)
  11. 230c 30mm/s .4 nozzle .2 layer height
  12. Thanks for the plethora of replies <3 The PTFE coupler came in the mail today, so i replaced it and its able to push material better. But every time the stepper motor knocks, i get less material coming out causing spots of under extrusion...
  13. ill try replacing the ptfe coupler first. is this covered under warranty?
  14. ive probably used the atomic method, over a 200 times. Ive practically looked into every extrusion problem, still cant solve mine.
  15. Ive been having extrusion problems for months now. Initially I thought it was it was because of low quality filament. just recently I bought and used Colorfabb pla/pha and Im still getting extrusion issues. Honestly i think its because of the weak stepper motor. Thought you guys could help me out before I go to support. And just to give you an idea of how slow i need to print, Im printing PLA at 240 Celsius and 30 mm/s and even then i still get extrusion issues. on top of that the pla gets stuck after every print, so i remove the bowden and pull the pla out with quite a force. this issue h
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