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  1. I made the same mistake as the OP. It took much head scratching and forum searching before I found this post. I opened up my board to find the fan connected to the Z-motor jumper pins. Thank you to all the contributors for the detailed help - if I need to send one of our UM2s off for repairs, it involves couriering the machine 1500 km which I wasn't looking forward to!
  2. Our IT person was able to address the problem. They installed something (not sure if it was new libraries or drivers) on the Virtual Machine which allowed it to access OpenGL, at which point Cura was able to function properly.
  3. We have encountered difficulties installing Cura 2.6.2 on a virtual machine. Cura installs, but once we try to open it, an error message pops up that it is unable to access OpenGL libraries, and Cura closes. Our IT person has suggested that because this is a virtual machine, Cura isn't able to access the GPU as it would on a physical machine. We're working on a virtual machine as this creates an image, which is rolled out to the 100+ PCs in our student laboratories. The virtual machine is running Windows 10. Has anyone encountered similar difficulties? Are there possible work aroun
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