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  1. The internal nozzle geometry of the BB core has been redesigned to improve the print experience with PVA (specifically Ultimaker PVA) and avoid clogging. It is a more sophisticated material so we took all cautions necessary! For knowledge, keep coming to the forums and take a look here: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/manuals The basics of 3D Printing are not rocket science, you'll pick it up fast.
  2. On the Cura menu when you select PVA (Print core 2) make sure to also select: Printcore: BB 0.4 Material: PVA
  3. Hi Parox! Regarding materials, the cost of printing that part would be... around 5$ tops, maybe less? A material that could give you that rubbery feel is the TPU 95A (polyurethane), however, CURA profiles are not yet optimized for the UM3 and TPU 95A at the moment, but you should be able to get it to work nicely it's not the most difficult material to work with. Playing with shells and infill during slicing you will be able to achieve the feel that you want. Maintenance of the printer is very low, you can do most of the preventive maintenance yourself with the tools that come in the box. For the UM2+ there's a maintenance kit available, expect something similar for the UM3, you will see whether you need it or not as you move along: https://ultimaker.com/en/products/add-ons
  4. How long have you waited after turning it on? It takes a while to start up and see the "Ultimaker" logo on the screen... Hopefully its just that. If you've waited enough and still nothing happened... then contact your reseller as neotko suggests.
  5. good luck! share your experience afterwards!
  6. First of all it really depends on your goal. If your goal is to sculpt or to 3d print organic shapes something like ZBrush or Rhino will suit your purpose better. In case that you want something similar to Solidworks because that fits your application then: What looks the most attractive is OnShape to me (looking at it because I used to use Solidworks so if I have to learn something new this is supposed to be the easiest to learn). Other than that there's Autodesk Fusion 360 which is "free", but there's not a lot of documentation (tutorials) to learn how to fully exploit it without hours of tinkering.
  7. Well, to be honest the resources of the Education's Pioneer Program have some great info for newbies, you guys did quite some work there. Here's the link for those interested: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/education Some that I like, short and to the point: Print faster, Mastering Cura, Anatomy of an Ultimaker 2+, Maintaining your printer, Useful tools, Designing for printability, Checking and repairing files, Software Choices...
  8. Back to the topic, I totally see the use of an SLA printer for applications that require that degree of detail and nothing else (jewellery lost wax casting for example).
  9. That's an excellent idea @ivan-lipunov, very good. To start with it's only a matter of having wat neotko mentions, a curated content place wich eventually the Ultimaker team would incorporate in their resource pages as well? But I totally support the course idea, especially now with the UM3 and all material combinations and profiles available it might look daunting to new users.
  10. May I ask why you would like to have an Ultimaker SLS? Maybe I am missing out, but I have previously worked with industrial SLS machines and that's a messy process! The printing itself is rather fast but heat-up, cool-down and cleaning of parts makes it slower than FDM. Plus, the "only" widely available material is PA. Now having the UM3 in the market... I don't see a real need for a desktop SLS.
  11. Hola Alberto, Siempre es mejor que subas una foto del diseno en 3d, la configuracion de cura y del resultado de la impresion! Estamos en contacto!
  12. Glad to hear! Yes, the guys at Tr3sDland work "codo a codo" with Smartfil and they are doing a great job. Their filaments are tested on Ultimaker printers on a normal basis. Do you print with technical materials? I was greatly surprised with the ABS and HIPS quality when I saw the prints.
  13. Acabamos de anunciar oficialmente un acuerdo de distribución y servicio técnico en España con la red de tiendas Tr3sDland, donde a partir de hoy podréis comprar nuestros equipos, así como todos los materiales, accesorios y repuestos que necesitéis. También podéis hacer ya vuestras compras online a través de ultimaker.tr3sdland.com Os lo explicamos con más detalle en este otro mensaje del foro: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/17797-ultimaker-llega-oficialmente-a-espana
  14. Hola a todos, Hoy tenemos buenas noticias para los usuarios españoles de Ultimaker. Desde ahora vais a ver una mayor actividad en esta Comunidad de Usuarios, porque a partir de hoy Ultimaker desembarca oficialmente en España, a través de Tr3sDland, la primera red española de tiendas especializadas en tecnología 3D. Hemos escogido Tr3sDland como distribuidor oficial principalmente por dos razones: disponibilidad total en la Península, con una red de establecimientos que ya está por las principales ciudades españolas y prevé seguir creciendo en el futuro, y soporte local por parte de 14 técnicos certificados por Ultimaker. Estas son las 10 tiendas físicas en las que desde el 14 de octubre, vais a poder encontrar vuestro centro Ultimaker más cercano: -Madrid. Plaza del Cascorro, 2. -Zaragoza. C/ Fernando El Católico, 5. -Zaragoza. C/ Jerónimo Blancas, 5. -Bilbao. C/ Egaña, 8. -Jerez. C/ Ventura Núñez (Venturita), 8. -Toledo. Ronda Buenavista, 27. -Ciudad Real. Ronda de Alarcos, 24. -Girona. C/ Emili Grahit, 15. -Lleida. Carrer del Carme, 62. Así mismo a través de Internet vais a poder hacer vuestros pedidos mediante la tienda online oficial de Ultimaker en España (ultimaker.tr3sdland.com). Allí podréis escoger si queréis recibir vuestras compras en casa o recogerlas en vuestra tienda Tr3sDland más cercana. Además de ofrecer todos los productos de Ultimaker y un soporte técnico especializado, con ello también se va a dinamizar nuestra creciente comunidad de usuarios con eventos y quedadas que esperamos que sean de vuestro interés. Por nuestra parte, nosotros no podemos estar más contentos por este anuncio, y os recordamos que en este foro estamos como siempre para echaros una mano.
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