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  1. Im no pro so ill just chime in having the same model as you. I use a brim with PLA and is has always seemed to help with bed adhesion. If I remember correctly PLA is not a big fan of heat chambers and that might be something more for ABS. In either case it would be a good idea to make sure the chamber is regulated evenly. You may not need a fan just simply a vent so the heated air will not continue to stack on itself and make the camber hotter than you need. If I where you I would try another print then take some ambient temperature readings with thermometer. Something that can reach over
  2. eldrick seems that link is not working. Can you refresh the link please
  3. Example of some materials that in theory would be possible. Though in practice I don't think making magma would be high on my to do list lol. Melting point of Tin = 231.9C Melting point of lead = 327.5C Melting point of aluminium alloy = 463 to 671C Melting point of aluminium = 660.3C Glass depending on composition melts at approximately = 500c to 1650c + Natural rock depending on composition turns to magma at = 700c to 1300c + Keep in mind the more temperature we apply and depending on the material the off gassing could be very toxic. Not to mention any toxic residue left by some metal
  4. Thanks for the clarification and great explanation of platforms. Certainly helps my understanding.
  5. As a newbie to 3D printing I have been doing a lot of comparison when it comes to the Ultimaker product line and modifications or tweaks. One thing I constantly run in to is compatibility questions when I find a mod I like or a tweak that may not work for my model. Those of you whom have been around since the early days of Ultimaker probably find this knowledge common but its something that inst simply available without asking a lot of questions. How similar are the different models of Ultimaker? Before you answer lets consider the following. Yes they follow the same drive design principles
  6. I was actually looking at a E3D hot end but wasn't sure if it was a direct drop in part or If a special bracket is required. I like Anders-Olsson design. Its like a mini torque wrench. ultiarjan ill have to see if I can find anyone that sells extractors like that. I used to have a set about 10 years ago but haven't seen anyone selling a set like that. Amazon possibly? There is defiantly enough meat inside the block for an extractor to bite on to. Presently I have JB-Weld setting with a bolt. This should bond the bolt to whats left of the nozzle so I can back it out. All things conside
  7. Well I broke the cardinal rule when working with electronics and delicate equipment. I used to much force on the heater block and nozzle resulting in the nozzle snapping inside the heater block. Ruined both components. I ordered a new end from fbrc8 but they are out of heater blocks so I hope they get more soon. I managed to find some knock off aluminium block on Amazon I can use until the official part is available. This all started when my UMO+ was under extruding so I proceeded to clean the hot end via the Atomic method. Didn't seem to work so disassembled the hot end then manually cle
  8. I have been using a RaspberryPi B to drive ActoPi as my UMO+ control and a raspberry camera taking timelaps. Im on week 2 with this setup and it has been very nice being able to control my UMO+ from any device around the house. The addition of a touchscreen would be interesting but I wonder how intuitive the touch control is. I bet this would look great on a all inclusive case with a hanger.
  9. Thanks for all the help. Looking at neotko's suggestions and that build looks awesome. Will definitely be borrowing from the list of mods. On the above image you can see the Ultibot on the left in a much more clear resolution with minimal drag. On the right is an OctoPi case for the raspberryPi . Turned out very well but I would suggest against a brim. My UMO+ is coming along nicely and i'm getting a feel for some of the nuances needed for proper printing. I am grateful for the community and support provided here. It was most certainly one of the biggest features associated with Ultimaker.
  10. This pointed me to a simple solution I guess I was over thinking things. Forgot the stepper motors are on slots so the mounting can be adjusted. I simply loosened the screwed and pressed down. Took all the slack right out. Next test
  11. I found the problem. The Y axis short timing belt has to much slack. It skips on the belt depending on turn length. The X axis short timing belt is loose as well but im a little unsure as to how to remove the slack. I did adjust the pulleys to remove a little slack but is there another method recommended for this particular problem? I search further in to the community for similar posts and link if I find anything.
  12. Thanks neotko Going back to basics and verifying set screws are tight and stops registering properly.
  13. First print was an ok start. Second print went oddly wrong. Seems Z axis is spot on but X and Y went wild at random for some reason. Every time I hit home on the printer it still tries to home way off from home 0. So if I manually move x and Y to what should be 0 the printer registers it as 0 until the print starts then I get massive collision. I double checked the alignment and verified the bed is level. Suggestions?
  14. Bed aligned. Divided by 0 and we are all still here. Thanks so much for the help. Attempting first print
  15. New question for the vast knowledge in this community. Auto home is way off. I have adjusted the z axis appropriately and it is fine. However X and Y axis are off significantly. What is the best method for setting a proper 0 x 0 x 0 to auto home in the right physical position of the print head?
  16. Looks like that did the trick. Uploaded a firmware update via Cura and all is working now. Had to give the Z axis a little helping hand since it seized after bottoming out but it works now. Im adjusting all the limit switches now. Fine tuning has begun lol.
  17. I recorded a time laps of about 3/4 of the assembly. Ran out of memory lol. Its completed but I have run to a few issues on first power up. - The UltiController displays a blank screen when its powered up. - I mistakenly pressed the button and now the Z axis is continually trying to bottom out the bed. Im not sure how to stop this so I have powered the unit down. Searching the community for any similar situations. If anyone has suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.
  18. My Ultimaker Original + has just arrived. Now the fun can begin! Furious assembly GO
  19. Reply from Webroot. "Hello, Thank you for submitting your report. We have examined the logs from your system and found that the detected items were the result of a false positive, and are not a threat. We have updated our security definitions to address this. You may un-quarantine and restore the file that was quarantined by the Webroot SecureAnywhere software if you have not already done so. To restore the file: 1. Open on the cog icon next to PC Security. 2. Click the Quarantine tab. 3. Click the check box next to the filename, then click Restore. Now that this change is in effect, we
  20. I sent Webroot a support ticket request last night outlining the details. Hopefully they can assist in how to whitelist a program or update their records so Cura wont be flagged.
  21. Very strange . I just installed Cura_15.06.03 on my PC and Webroot (antivirus suite) flagged a specific file as a threat. Malware Group: W32.Mogoogwi.Gen File: cura_15.06.03\pyqt5.qtcore.pyd I downloaded the file directly from Ultimakers site so i'm confident its safe. What makes me curious is Webroot is in most cases very good against false positives . So I wonder what could have tripped the flag. Has anyone else run in to this situation with Cura of any version?
  22. Well i'm more concerned with order and shipping problems. As far as assembly its safe to assume an issue or problem is always around the corner but I find its one of the best teachers you can find. Ill be leaning on the community and its vast knowledge base for help so I most certainly appreciate it. Why are you specifically worried about order and shipping problems? And welcome to the community! Good to have you on the team! Aside from the typical concerns when ordering any product like shipping damage or lost shipment (very rare) I would have to say parts inventory would be my big
  23. Well i'm more concerned with order and shipping problems. As far as assembly its safe to assume an issue or problem is always around the corner but I find its one of the best teachers you can find. Ill be leaning on the community and its vast knowledge base for help so I most certainly appreciate it.
  24. So after much debate (with the wife) and research about what printer to get. I have decided to cut my teeth with Ultimaker's Original + . Living in the US I decided to order from dynamism after seeing a few good reports from this community about their experience with the company. My plan is to report back in kind with order experience and build once complete. Fingers crossed all goes well and happy printing.
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