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  1. This is likely a dumb question but I wanted to double check.. before I hut myself lol Hacking up a Ultimaker 2 Clone and rebuilding the head completely (if I can) But wanted to check on a few things ahead of time I see the UM2 uses a 24v heater core.. Will the mainboard handle any standard 24v <40w core like the ones used in MK9/10 heads? (yes I know these are too big for the Ultimaker2 brass block. Also, does the mainboard support 100k sensors? I know its just a switch in the firmware settings, but does it read these as well? I know most mainboards dont read pt100 sensors without some modifications.. but wasn't sure if this meant the board couldn't read other sensors now. *please don't hurt me* Thanks!
  2. yea thats.. way past the life cycle of the ptfe insulator.
  3. no big deal, i solder another chip on the display board,replacing the damaged chip, and now it works fine Glad yours was easy... mine has dead E1 and E2 drivers..
  4. I spent several hours on this.. I was able to cross the extruder over to the Z plug header.. but I was never able to get the Z to work on E1 or E2.. really sucks because I *think* that is all thats wrong with the board :(
  5. Yea jumper's both there. And my steppers work on X Y Z but none of them work on e1 or e2 have both .9 and 1.8 steppers and it won't buzz either motor type.. If I move the motor to X Y Z works fine
  6. Didn't work.. :( Section 72 for pins.h Was.. #define E0_STEP_PIN 42#define E0_DIR_PIN 43#define E0_ENABLE_PIN 37#define E1_STEP_PIN 49#define E1_DIR_PIN 47#define E1_ENABLE_PIN 48 Is.. #define E0_STEP_PIN 49#define E0_DIR_PIN 47#define E0_ENABLE_PIN 48#define E1_STEP_PIN 42#define E1_DIR_PIN 43#define E1_ENABLE_PIN 37 didnt make a difference.. put known working steppers on both E1 and E2 at same time didnt even make them buzz.. this was in repeater/s3d as well as "move material" from the display. all with hotend heated to 190-210C :(
  7. OMG thats totally what I was looking for!! will report back my results for everyone else.. Also thanks for the heads up.. thought it was interesting the board came with little heatsinks.. ill be sure to put a fan on this thing lol
  8. Is there a way to switch over to E2 in the firmware? Disable E1 vs Disable E2?
  9. and you are doing a full test with the heater one I assume? You are aware there's a protection that the extruder won't work below a certain temperature? Yea I read about that.. I confirmed the heater was to proper temps.. I have a actual UM2 sitting next to me as well.. I also found out that because I couldn't finish my build due to delays in customs for other parts I had on order.. I cant open a depute on this controller because im less than a day late of the cut of.. *crys*
  10. lest you got to the 5th day.. my controller wont drive the stepper motor for the extruder! :(
  11. I have been building this printer as well recently.. but I ran into an issue with my ulticontroller. :( I know its cheap china crap issue likely.. but I cant get any stepper to move on E1 (move filament or load filament) doesn't do anything..
  12. Thanks for giving an actual response and not just blasting me. lol Not had my UM2 but a couple of months and getting use to this firmware
  13. - Sorry not sure why it double posted a edit.. -
  14. Yea that was what I was referring too.. another point of failure for a jam.. :/
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