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  1. Hi I would like to add another Y stepper motor to my custom build 3-D printer I am using same electronics ( white ) as the ultimaker 2 plus Can anyone help me ? Is it possible to use the available E2 stepper driver ?? Or do I need to connect the 2Y motors in series ? Thanks
  2. Hi I would like to attach another stepper motor for Y AXIS , is it possible to use the available E2 driver On the board ? And what is required to change in the firmware ? If this cannot be done , then should I connect the 2 stepper motors in Series and connect them to the single Y DRIVER ? If anyone can help me , I would appreciate it very much Thanks guys
  3. Hi, i need some help . I built my second 3d printer using ultimaker controller board. My first printer used rods for x and y. This printer works on v rails ( sliders that move with wheels on the v rail extrusions ) instead of rods. Everything is working fine, except i noticed that i tried to print a test part, it is a square with rounded corners which consists of 4 identicalcircles, and the circles do not print correctly. Please see the image attached. I have searched on the web for possible solutions. i have tensioned the belts, i have calibrated the steps for the motors. i am using a 30 tooth gear with 2mm gt belt, the steps for x and y are 53.33 The bed is leveled properly, i use fuller gauges to level properly. i don't know what else i can do. Can i implement something within the firmware ? I am stuck, i really don't know where the problem is. what can be the issue i am encountering ? I would appreciate your comments, anyone ??
  4. Hi, I have built my second 3d printer based on the Ultimaker 2. I have edited the Marlin firmware for the Ultimaker2 to correspond to my printer ( x,y,z travel limits, directions of stepper motors, and homing to limit switches,etc. I have tested with pronterface and everything works well mechanically. I did all the connections to the ultimaker 2 controller board, when i swtched power on and tried to do a test print, it reset on it's own,and tried again , but same thing happened it reset again. I thought that maybe it was the power supply which is the same one that ultimaker 2 uses so i switched it with my other printer ( which works well ), but still did the reset issue. i have changed the controller board thinking that maybe it was defective, did all the connections again, but it still resets. I am able to heat the nozzle, able to heat the bed, extrude and change material, fans all work with gcode commands ,i was even able to print after a few resets, but it is annoying, and i am trying to pinpoint where the problem might be Is there a problem perhaps with the cartridge heater or temp sensors ? If so, then why am i able to heat the nozzle or heat bed ? If indeed those were defective Can anyone please help me or have any suggestions, i don't know what it might be.
  5. Hi I have been doing some tests with my custom 3D printer which is similar to the ULTIMAKER 2 extended version. I am using the same controller board and nozzle components plus fans for the hot end. I am using a gear reducer estruder. please see attached pictures. the FIRST problem i am having is that every time i print , the fans dont't seem to want to start unless i nudge them a little, then they work. But that should not be the case does any one have any helpful solutions. i am using the marlin firmware for ultimaker 2 with some changes accordng to my printer travel limits and endstop locations and the motor axis directions. aside from that i made no other changes to the firmware. The second problem is that the next day when i want to go print something, the plastic does not extrude so i have to abort the print, and heatup nozzle through the lcd display and push from the extruder until the plastic oozes out of nozzle, then everything is fine again. But this should not be the case. i had done the tests for calibrating the esteps and entered that value in the firmware ans uploaded to printer. when it prints everything is fine, just that if i close the printer and later on or next day want to print before it prints it never purges the material, and have to always push from extruder, heat up nozzle etc etc. Don't want to do that,should be automatic. what should the spring tension be for 2.85 mm filament , tight or loose ? How can i tell what is correct ? If anyone can help me , i would appreciate that very much Thanks[/media]
  6. I need some help, i am not electronic savvy. The question is i have 2 identical fans ( SUNON, 12 VOLTS ) ( 50mm x 50 mm ) Each fan has these specifications Power current: 105 mA Power consumpion: 1.26 watts I want the 2 fans to cool the controller board. I have built a PLA housing for the 2 fans to sit on top of board. I am also using the same power supply GS220A24-R7B -- DC VOLTAGE 24V same used on the ULTIMAKER 2. I have attached images below. The specs for the power supply is highlighted in green. I have already connected the 2 fans in parallel, but when i plug the connector onto the board J20 ( fan 19-24 v ) the fans do not want to spin, i feel the motors on the fans vibrating but no spinning. Can someone please help me, i don't know why they don't want to spin.[/media]
  7. I tried connecting it to the other one that you showed in the image, but the fans still do not turn, can you please help me. i don't know why, it should work. is there something i have to add in the circuit of the fans ?? and the fans have 1.26 watts output not 1.26 amps.
  8. Hi I want to cool my ultimaker 2 controller board. So i designed a housing to hold 2 fans 50mm x 50mm. These are SUNON fans 12v 1.26 amps each. I have connected both fans together, positive wire from one fan together with the negative wire from the other. the other 2 wires plus and minus are with connector. When i plug the connector to the board marked ( FAN 19-24 V ) and power it up, the fans dont spin. I see that the fans are trying to spin, but ever so slowly, barely nothing but trying. Am i doing something wrong ?? I am not that electronic tech savvy. Can someone please help me. I have attached a picture. Thanks
  9. Hi I have made a 3D print to house 2 fans 50x50 mm to cool the ultimaker 2 controller board I have already connected them And I plug the 2 pin connector On the 19-24v female connector On the board , how do I power them up using pronterface ?? They don't start at all , am I connecting to the proper connector ?? Is there some other way Please help , I would appreciate any suggestions Thanks
  10. Hi I need some help. I have an Ultimaker 2 controller board, and i want to test if the stepper motors work by using pronterface. I built my own 3D printer similar to Ultimaker. I tried plugging the Y motor only on the board, nothing else is plugged in. Just want to test it in pronterface if motors work. But when i use pronterface, i keep on getting MAX Temp Error, click Y axis , nothing moves. Is there some modifications that need to done to trick the board into thinking that there are no temp sensors or heatbed ?? I would appreciate if someone can help me out. Thanks
  11. I have attached TOP VIEW of my 3D printer project with some key dimensions. they are not same as ULTIMAKER 2 Extended
  12. As promised here is the ongoing project. I am using Aluminum extrusion profiles series, aluminum L brackets, all Stainless steel fasteners, many components were custom designed and i outsouced the maching all in Aluminum with anodized finishes. Most of the components I ordered are from MISUMI and Mc MasterCarr. For the Z axis i am going with a linear V rail system ( OpenBuilds Type but my gantry plate is custom made), i have not assembled the glass and alimuinum plate holder yet, waiting for copper grease tube .It is far from finished, but I am eager to see the final results. There will be frosted panels mounted on all the sides, i have outsourced those as well along with some led lighting to give it a nice overall look.
  13. Thanks for the info But i am new to all of this, I designed the entire project of my 3D Printer in Solidworks. It took me about a month to complete, with whatever free time i had available. I will try and post a pic as to how my printer currently looks. There are delays in completing it , because the shipping of some components takes forever. I will be using the Ultimaker controller board latest version for the hardware. But somewhat confused as to how will i proceed when i connect all the cables to the board. Can someone guide me step by step ??, i would appreciate that. My printer will have somewhat slight differences as to where the centers of the rods and limit switches are compared to the Ultimaker 2 extended plus. Do i just start Cura software and hope that all will fall into place. I am not sure about that. I will also try and post a top view cad drawing showing the dimensions of the rod centers , heatebed, nozzle assemble in all 4 corners ( maximum movement before any interference occurs ) Maybe this would help in someone trying to help me.
  14. how about the location of the limit switches ?? is that controlled in the firmware ??
  15. OK, that sounds great, i will definitely try it out when i finally receive my board because if i can setup my 3d printer just by using cura that would be more simple. It's just because i spent a lot of time searching and came across Marlin, Arduino and pronterface and was geting confused as to what i should use. For example , can i test the board to check that the step motors run and turn accordingly ( just alone without the shaft connected to linear rods ) once i power up the board, and only those motors are connected and the others are not ( i.e fans, heatbed, heater cartridge, sensor ) or do i need to have all connected. thanks
  16. I really need some help and advice, so any comments would be greatly appreciated. I am currently building my 3D Printer, it will be somewhat similar to ultimaker 2 extended but not exactly. I would like to know when i finally assemble the frame structure, and then hook up all the wires to the controller, what is the next step. I don't know what to do. How will i setup the software according to my 3d printer configurations limits, x , y, z travel min max extruder, heatbed, fans,etc. Usually limit switches are installed where on the x,y, and z axis, is this the 0,0,0 origin ? And home position location should be where ? i would really appreciate if you can help me out, i am very confused as simple as possible, i hope it will be simple. Thank You
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