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  1. I've seen just as many people who clogged their nozzles by just preheating the machine and leaving it idle for too long. For example, they heat it up to change the filament and then forget about it for 30 minutes while they are doing someone else on the computer. I've also seen people who changed their ending script to prevent the machine from cooling down at the end, which would allow them to print back-to-back parts quicker. So regardless of what software you are using, there's lots of ways you can create problems when working with PVA. So that's why I tried to write some extra info abov
  2. I'll add a few more observations to this thread. I've been using S3D with my Ultimaker 3 since the day I got it. Both of the above profiles work well, and I also got a profile directly from the simplify3d support people that worked very well. I've already printed close to 50 parts and I've got simplify3d dialed in really nicely now. There seems to be some concern above about how long you can leave an extruder heated, so I'll go ahead and add my findings. I've tested this quite extensively on a few different printers, so I'll try to give some facts from my tests. I have quite a few diff
  3. I've used hair spray in the past. In most of my prints, it actually did too good of a job holding the prints down, and it ended up being really hard to get them off the bed! So if you want more stick in the future, that can be a good option. As you would expect, it is flammable though, so make sure you take care when applying it
  4. Nice tip! I've tried using hairspray before, but had similar problems with it being a bit too difficult to remove. I usually worked around it by just tweaking my first layer position to get just the right amount of grip, but this could also be a good trick to know
  5. I wonder if installing the new USB somehow installed some new drivers that are getting in the way. Maybe you can try finding the USB hub in the device manager and uninstalling it. Then you can see if the remaining USB ports start working again
  6. I've been using S3D with my UM3 from the first day I got it Really nice results so far. There's several profiles posted on this forum that work, and also some on the simplify3d forum.
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