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  1. I had this issue too... i changed my power budget to 100W/180W/80W/80W to get it to work. In the end, i got a new PSU and used the original values. Some users switched to another PSU with higher wattage, but had to make a new plug.
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  3. Just finished my longest print and i'm very happy to show you the ultimaker drill in 50% size: Total print time was about 21h...The little offset at the left happened, when my prime tower lost contact with the heated bed :angry: but all in all it came out great! My only tweak was to use a bowden tube which is slightly longer than the original one. Now it has a little bit more flexibility, because i had problems when the bowden tube pushed my second extruder to the front so it dropped off. Next is PVA
  4. Hi CCA1, on github, there's a Bill of Material (BOM) where you can find all needed materials.https://github.com/foehnsturm/Mark2/blob/master/Mark2-BOM.xlsx At the moment you can't buy a all in one set on the website, but i think it will be possible in the future. Right now, you have to write to user SyntaxTerror to ask for an expansion board which is around 40 €, get an extra ultimaker print head, print some parts, buy some magnets and you're almost ready to go. Hope this helps!
  5. My current values are: 100W/180W/80W/80W I tried at least 30 times to get it somehow stable. At the moment it seems to work, although LEDs are flickering a little bit when heatbed is heating up. I thought about a stronger power supply, too, because heating times seem to be really long now. In the meantime i tried several prints and had some issues with the offset parameters. Until i realized one magnet wasn't properly fixed :-)
  6. After about 30 tries later, it finally worked! Tried many different wattage values. Current working parameters are: 140/150/75/75 Flickering light is better, but not completely gone, at least it doesn't switch off. First complete print (no calibration yet, only offset values set from @chiz ):
  7. ok, my settinges were 175W/125W/35W/35W when i lower to 165W nothing changes, i think it even switches off faster. i think you have an upgraded ultimaker 2, mine was a 2+, do they have different power adapters? quick check on my firmware: i flashed Tinker-Mark2-expansion-board-17.02.2.hex, correct?
  8. ok, somehow it worked now. at least the crash in the left corner didn't happen. new issue: after changing to extruder 2, the led flickered and then everything stopped, ultimaker did a reboot and extruder stayed like this. seems like some sort of power issue... extruders were both set to 210° C and buildplate to 60° C
  9. it is on github under cura-resources. put it in Cura 2.5\plugins\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts https://github.com/foehnsturm/Mark2/tree/master/cura-resources/scripts
  10. yes. i got the newest resources from github, even tried it with cura 2.6 beta (where mark2tweaks plugin crashes btw)
  11. ok, everythings mounted and ready to go! almost... got the same issue as @chiz and @MarcoUbtz After the first two layers, it crashes in the front left corner. i tried: - Travel->layer start x/y and set it to something like 100.0/50.0 - activating mark2tweaks plugin here you can see the small string leading to crash zone any ideas?
  12. not yet, just got my extension board from @foehnsturm :-) i hope i can install it today. will post results
  13. yeah...strange. i just looked in my messages and the message isn't there sorry! don't know what happend, was sure i sent it!
  14. @TheFox, Sorry, did I miss your post? Can can get everything from me here in Munich. i didn't get a respond from syntaxterror on my PM, so i thought he is busy and just waited... sooo, can we hook up? :-) gonna PM you! thanks
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