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  1. hi I have them. as I've already made a perspex front for my machine. I'm in the process of getting all the files together & sharing the info on here.. edit .. my apologies I read your initial message wrong I have the front dimensions etc but not the top. although I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to measure
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  3. I seem to be having trouble replying to this thread either that or the posts are invisible to me only. Can anyone else see this post or the two previous posts to this thank you Second that i can now see this post so I'll add my previous questions to this post. As I've been trying to say I've printed both these designs before without any zebra stripes or twists it's only since yesteday that I've noticed anything wrong. ..is this issue degenerative as in it gets worse over time ? & what exactly do the boards do I did try to read why on the thread but i don't completely understand. ? &
  4. HI everyone I'm sure this subject has been covered before & I've found a few posts about it but none of them seemed to have a definitive answer as to why this was happening. it started yesterday when I test printed one of my designs & what was meant to be a cylinder shape came out as a perfectly twisted cylinder. so I printed a benchy to see if the problem repeated itself & it did. but only on the top part of the print. I've read of a few possible causes from print speed to infill showing through & also the active bed levelling being out of sync & hardware misalignmen
  5. Ok so I've reinstalled my mac back to factory settings. Reinstalled cura & it's finally working' however I have only have one profile & I can't change between printing quality's as I only have fine 0.10 ..everything else has disappeared is there a way to get them to install ? As I've not changed or altered anything.
  6. Ok so I've just found that & deleted the contents .but It's still the same. It's just not having any of it only thing I can think of now is reinstalling everything from the beginning ...doing a complete wipe & start fresh
  7. Ok so my laptop has just finished restoring & has a newly installed OS. However this failed todo anything at all.. & cura still refuses to start up.. Where can I find the cura directory you mentioned ? My head has almost given up tonight Thanks.
  8. Hello Fello Ultimakers After working all afternoon slicing & making some prints. My mac decided to sleep' after I made myself a cuppa. ..& for some reason Cura refused to slice.. which it's done on multiple occasions. So I Done the Usual Restart to get everything going again. Only now Cura refuses to start full stop. i get the initial start up screen as it boots up, but then nothing it shuts down almost as quick as it starts. I've uninstalled & Reinstalled twice with no avail & im in the process of a full Mac OS Reinstall as I was out of options ..is there something I've
  9. Hi I guessed it was ...I emailed Carl yesterday & he gave me a great deal on the replacement parts. as I ordered a hardcore print core. & some everlast nozzles at the same time. So hopefully they'll be here shortly ... & I see what you mean about the emails !... I get at least & 30 per day myself & they're so annoying' so that was a good idea.
  10. Oh wow Thank you. I hate phone calls tbh. I always end up hanging up & forgetting something ...emails are much easier lol. So the email you gave me is the " at " the symbol at ? & the _ things they stay the same ? I'm guessing your not allowed email addresses in the forums ? But I did find his profile as well thanks.
  11. HI GR5 Sorry for the delayed response ( been slightly under the weather ) so it's the hardcore 6 & that delicate part to order ..I was going to add some of his ruby tipped nozzles to my order ..I'm really big into RC Aircraft so printing Carbons will come in quite handy & so do most of my associates so they'll come handy also. Although I couldn't find a method of contact ? Such as an email address not even after I'd made an account so I think I'll just have to call to order the delicate part but that's ok. ( presuming he speaks English ) could become quite embarasing otherwise
  12. Hi Gr8 Yeah that's a shame tbh. & funny enough I've been looking at the 3D solex print core as a replacement but I wasn't sure which one to go for I'd like a Gaurantee so the DIY one is out. Which leaves the hardcore six or the hardcore EHT ? Don't much like the price of either of them. Lol. But I do need a replacement & I may as well make it a good replacement I guess. Although if I can get a replacement core part I might repair the damaged one as well. As I was going to keep it for spares if it couldn't be replaced ..maybe I'll message them & see what they can supply me wit
  13. hello well I seem to have found the problem' I've been racking my brain trying to think what the problem could be & as it only seemed to be with the print cores rather than the printer' I decided to take a closer look at them. at first glance they look to be perfect & you'd never notice anything wrong with them. until I compressed the tab like when inserting it' then it all became clear so to speak. & afterwards I remember taking the print-core out to clean some off excess material that had formed on the nozzle & dropping it' which I really didn't think twice about &am
  14. Hi Gr5 I believe I have marked my printer down as a UM3. I can see it under my name & also under my name in this post. Is it not visible to others ? As for the problem with the Calibration. I've replaced both print cores with the spares I had & re done the X-Y calibration & its back to X = 0 & Y = -1 So the problem seems to be with the cores I had installed. Before removing them I checked that they were installed properly & checked all the belts were tensioned correctly & it all checked out. It's a bit of a conundrum I'm fairly new to 3D Printing this bei
  15. Hi there. Yes that's what i was trying to explain. I reaslise my initial discription wasn't the best' I was in such a panic that I didn't explain properly. & No I've not removed the print heads that was my first path of attack this morning after finding myself a cuppa. i have another two print cores so it'll be nice to see where they compare & then find out why they're out of line so much. ?
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