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  1. Hi guys, need a little help with this one: small object needs te be printed (50 pieces) printer: UM3 with closed cabin Material: UM ABS black and/or CF NGEN black I've managed so far to print a single strong version in NGEN but when I print 25pcs at a time the pins easily break off. With UM abs I haven't even succeeded in making one single strong print 😐 I've played with wall thickness, temperature, speed, infill overlap, infill and some other but i've got a feeling there is something I am not seeing... maybe simply too much once? Anyo
  2. Hi guys, For some months now I have an old printjob in my printtask overview that can't be deleted. Does anyone know how to? I've tried to locate the file responsible but no luck. anyone? TIA Barry
  3. Hi UltimateBacon, it's sound exactly as what I need but like Arno before me I have no idea were to start. Can you make it a for dummies pls :-) What to do with the ffmpeg file and how to use python to execute this script... would be much appreciated
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