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  1. @pcky Great looking mod! Three questions: 1. Could you share your modified hot end design? 2. Why did you remake the the Power supply enclosure? 3. What extruders are those? Thanks.
  2. It's all good. I emailed fbrc8 and they delivered one yesterday. I paid more but I also didn't want to wait 4-8 weeks. Thanks for following up.
  3. Won't let me sign up. Keeps saying "Please enter 6-20 characters, letters, and numbers" regardless of what I put in the password field. Tried Firefox, Chrome, & Microsoft Edge.
  4. @yyh1002 It's a pain to try to make the original UM2 stepper work as the 2nd extruder. Do you have an AliExpress link that you KNOW is good? I found one that says it's a UM2+ extruder https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000398763399.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.5a2379e5a1OeM6&algo_pvid=92dfdf58-6ebb-4830-aa39-8b684eabd73d&algo_expid=92dfdf58-6ebb-4830-aa39-8b684eabd73d-26&btsid=0bb0623f15999570827028856ea2ea&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ but the dimensions are off so and not many reviews so I don't trust it.
  5. Hi, Can you go into a little more detail (if you still have it) of what you did to that um2s-marlin firmware to get it to work? Thanks, Bigrjsuto
  6. @yyh1002 Thanks for your help so far. I got a ton of 2.85 material I need to burn through before I start using your great DXU design ( I already have it built and ready). So I set up a 2 in 1 (y splitter) setup on my UM2E+ with my older UM2 stepper as the 2nd extruder. This gives me two different e-steps I need to compensate for. Do you know if your firmware could work with a 2 in 1 setup? Does it allow for e-step adjustment of individual extruders? I know the Mark2 firmware allows for the adjustment right on the ulticontroller and your firmware is based off of that.
  7. Title says it all. Filament change is initiated, the current material will retract, I insert the new material and select Ready to advance it. when it starts coming out of the nozzle, I press the Ready button again, and when that happens, the print will start back up as it should, but the nozzle stops heating. The nozzle temp will just start dropping. This prevents the material from coming out since it's solidifying now. I hope this is an easy solution but every time I google the issue, I get very generic 'solutions' since the search terms are generic phrases/words. I've
  8. yyh1002, The Hot End Assembly has PFTE Tubing through the heat sink and shaft above it. Do you know of an all metal alternative? In case I want to go higher temp? Thanks, Bigrjsuto
  9. Could the stock UM2+ hotend fan fit in the "06 Fan Cover 2510.stl"?
  10. Ghene, How did you sort this out?
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