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  1. Printer has been posted on eBay, if anyone is interested, please visit the eBay listing https://www.ebay.com/itm/283540932924
  2. Absolutely! I will play with your project and see if I can figure out which setting(s) fix the issue. Thanks.
  3. I have attached a minimal sample of the overhang issue. I sliced off the back section of the model (it should still be manifold). Overhang.3mf
  4. While that is definitely a solution (and I have done so in the past with Meshmixer before Cura added tree supports(, the fact that other slicers are able to provide support under the overhang leads me to believe that this is a bug (or configuration) issue in Cura and it would be great to solve this at the software level rather than modify the model.
  5. I did check them, I tried various settings (including 0.0 for each of them) with no apparent effect. The underneath side is red, it definitely thinks there is overhang here. I would have taken more images but I have no idea how to move the viewport in Cura with a touchpad (only rotate and zoom). This was created in Blender, but the normals as far as I can tell are correct (it should be manifold); and both S3D and Slic3r place supports under the overhang. Its not my model to post, but I should be able to cut off the part thats having issues and post a project file with that later this evening.
  6. I have a print with a relatively small 90 degree overhang. I have supports turned on, yet no supports are placed under this overhang. What settings do I need to adjust to get support under this? Other slicers (Like S3D and Slic3r) place supports here, but Cura does not. I have tried multiple printer profiles including the built in UM3 profile, and it does not generate support in this area. When I enable tree supports, it _does_ try and place some tiny half hearted supports here on the very outside edge, but that does not really support the rest of the overhang (and bridging here is not pretty)
  7. I am selling my Ultimaker 3, very good condition ~95 days printing. For $2500 + Shipping (US Only) It has the Bondtech DDG upgraded extruders (for both extruders) as well as the parts for the original extruders. Its in great condition with all original factory parts including 2x AA 0.4 and 1x BB 0.4 print cores. Here are some photos of the printer and a small sample of what I have printed with it: This is a print that I finished minutes before posting this topic:
  8. I have now listed it on eBay, so if anyone is interested, you can find it here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ultimaker-2-Great-condition-with-upgraded-Extruder-/283487859114
  9. Here are some more images of the printer in action, and some of the results:
  10. Most of the time I do, in fact I generally get many send report windows per-crash. Sometimes I don't though. I do not recall what the exact errors were. Generally speaking I get a lock up regularly when I drag/drop an STL file into the main window. I get an instant crash often (with half a dozen crash windows) when I switch between different printers (if there is a model loaded). The chances of these crashes occurring is increased dramatically if a model is being sliced when I do either of these actions. I haven't yet had either error occur when no model is loaded (but I haven't specifically tried)
  11. I worry about using plugins because Cura 4.0 crashes constantly for me as is. For example it crashed at least a dozen times yesterday. I don't want to muddy that (or possibly make it worse) by using unofficial add-ons. If the UI issues are known, and they are working on them, then I can console myself with the fact that it will be fixed at some point.
  12. I love how far Cura has come (it has replaced S3D for me as my go-to slicer). With that being said I find myself constantly frustrated at the new UI and think its a big step backward. If I had to point to the issue that is the biggest thorn in my side it would have to be the fact that the configuration pane is now layered over the 3d view, rather than actually taking up its own space. I hope that an option is added to adjust this or put it back to its previous behavior. For now I will likely stick with the previous version.
  13. Here are a couple of images from different angles as well as one showing the Bondtech DDG Extruder. These are thumbnails so you can click on each of them to bring up much larger versions. The black Bondtech DDG extruder is attached to the back (replacing the original extruder). I can include the original Extruder components as well for completeness. The orange spool holder is a 3d printed low friction spool holder (with bearings), and the original spool holder is there next to the printer. Here is a link to a video, I am afraid it doesn't show much, just the beginning of printing off a hollow Tree Top. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1njgGttQ5AI-v2e15lZkhfE42nvmgMWEr
  14. Later this evening I will, is there anything specific you would like to see?
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