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  1. Hi, I have to took a decision between 3D printing and cnc milling. Both are great hobbies but I have to choose one and don't have the time for all hobbies. So I decided to make cnc as my primary hobby (waf), if you know one from Germany who is interested in an UM2+ clone 1.75mm with the parts for dxu upgrade look here. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/achtung-selten-ultimaker-2-extended-clone-dxu-update-1-75mm/1038553019-249-8240?utm_source=sharesheet&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android Thanks and b
  2. Hi, you have to look for an agent wich orders for you. I make a lot with CNC's and buy all from one seller over Aliexpress and I asked him if he would order it for me and send it to me. But look for an agent service they will amount a few euro and will send it to you. Best wishes Daniel
  3. Hi, today I got my parts for the DXU update. Now I have to order a few parts like the bearings and than let it rock 🙂 I will post a few pictures when the update is build. Best wishes from Germany
  4. Hi fcassulo, the change is not only a change in the configuration.h. It's a lot more you have to change a lot of things. the biggest problem is to get it work without the second PT100. But it don't take long for the SW release. I have a working alpha Version and finishing the release Version where you can choose if you work with Cyclopse or with Y adapter to make the Filament Change und set the height of retract if you have an Y-Adapter but it takes a little bit, I'm milling a big project for my wife in the living room and for the "WAF" it's important to do th
  5. Hi, here is the video to the print. I'm near to release the first software on Github.
  6. Here also a detailed picture of the printquality. It's printhead with 0.15mm layer height
  7. The first real dual print is finished, I had 2 times a switching problem with the black colour. Tonight I will check why. Here a few pictures. I'm really happy. Now I will make print test's until end of next week and then go to vacation. Here I will write a how to and relaese it as beta here. Now a few pictures
  8. At the moment I´m making print test. For example I found an error in M140 code for the heated bed (I erased a line to much ?). For the moment the decision to change from Cyclops clone to um2 printhead was a great decision. Pro - No temperature problems like i had with cyclops clone - Cheaper like with cyclopse - If somebody will build this, he needs only a stepper-motor, an 2nd extruder and little bit of ptfe tube. If somebody make an y adapter, splitter or how ever its called, for 3 mm it should work with your actual setup and don´t have to change to 1.75
  9. After having a lot of trouble with the temperature of the Cyclops clone and for me personally the um2 printhead is a great printhead I give it a try. And after a little bit of Testing I can say it look like it works. Take a look to the video and good night
  10. Tonight I have to look for the actual mounted heater. At the moment it's mounted on one site so the 2 extrusion is good no dropping or anything and the side with the heater is to hot and the heat hears the filament in the tube
  11. At first I will start with 40w, I didn't found one with more watts. Do you know a German reseller that sell this?
  12. It was a very long step to show this but now I can show my first dual prints with 1 temp sensor and 1 heater. The printquality is not the best because the temperature is not stable or the difference is to big between both colours. The reason is that normally there have to be a 6*30mm heater but I only have a 6*16mm. But I think I will get the right heater soon. But here my first 2 videos:
  13. It seems that the firmware works. I was able to start without temp error in dual extrusion with only 1 tempsonsor ? There are two tempsonsor connect temp1 and the heated bed. If I have enough time, tomorrow I will start my first print.
  14. Hello, today I get my printhead. @ my homepage www.SeoGeo.de I beginned te build, but I will not talk about the clonebuild here. There a picture of the printhead and the frame of the new printer.
  15. Update for today: Advanced menu is finished and I think I found where I can deactivate the second temp sensor, but I have to wait for the hardware to test it. Move material for both extruders and heatup nozzle only for 1 heater.
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