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  1. Preston That is what I reverted to as well The only problem is that I can't get Windows to default to the 3.3 version upon clicking on an STL file so I have to open the 3.3 manually then drag and drop otherwise it opens the file in 3.2 Have tried to rename the 3.2 and the like but then I get a Win10 error talking about a pathway error occurring I am OK with it I guess the added features of 3.3 are worth it but this dang software is SO buggy I can't for the life of me figure out why I had a similar issue when we all started on 2.0 or maybe 2.5 or so NOT sure why t
  2. Bummer that didn't work either Anyone else having this non-install issue? Help Msuurmond by posting your copy of the installed 3.2 folders so they can review the difference between working ones and broken ones Dr. D
  3. I am right clicking the folder as you asked then clicking add to zip then renaming it and sending it NOT sure what else I can do I also can't be the ONLY one with this issue so how about someone else stepping up here and getting the team what they need When I first posted this there were several others who had the exact issue Here is the file labeled stl return to zip and let me know, please THANK YOU ALL Dr. D 3.2.stl
  4. SO SORRY I thought you wanted the 3.3 here is 3.2 change to zip Sorry I misunderstood I thought you wanted the new folder created not the old one Dr Dave 3.2.3mf
  5. Sheesh that was freaking BRILLIANT I should have thought of that Here is the 3mf that is REALLY a ZIP file after you change it back Thank you SO much Dr D 3.3.3mf
  6. How do I do that when zip files are not allowed to be posted. I would gladly send you anything you want but don't know how Dr. Dave
  7. Anyone figure out to get the new version working yet?? I see a few have it OK but there is still the rest of us who can't get it up and going DD
  8. Elle Sorry, I removed the 3.3 folders as you suggested then reran the install and still the IDENTICAL issue. No profiles no printers I get it that 3D is designed for techies but most of us aren't and this has been going on since late version 1.x but surely since 2.x The install asks to remove the older version if you say NO then it freaks out and refuses to install properly. I can't won't remove the older version honestly because I don't trust the new version as has been demonstrated by still another not ready for the release version I tried to upload the zipped fold
  9. Anyone other than me still stuck? I still can't access any printers any quality setting profiles etc Dr. Dave
  10. Sorry to say bug not fixed Even after removing Cura 3.3.0 and reinstalling the v.1 version the existing printers setting and the like are all still gone I also used the DO NOT remove 3.2.1 option if that helps Glad I didn't dive in and assume the fix was valid Next 3.3.2 I guess is tonight
  11. THANK you so much glad to be part of the fast response repair
  12. HOPE this works Seems it doesn't like zip files but I am trying
  13. I saved my 3.2.1 version when it asked so I still have my entire settings intact in that version along with that version functional as well I know many delete the previous version but I try to not do that until I am sure the new version is set and functional I wonder if by saving it the software then skipped the check for previous datasets and just installed bare software without checking for and saving the previous version as it would have if it was deleting it as it wanted to I opened a work ticket with details as well Dr. Dave
  14. No crash at all Installed fine and opened fine but everything was missing Still existing in 3.2.1 so it is not lost it just won't open in 3.3 So much for stable build, this happened a LOT prior to 3.x Dr D
  15. Installed on C drive no errors BUT lost ALL my personal set up data like printers and filaments and quality and settings etc Anyone else having this Also installed without removing 3.2.1 when it asked if that matters. I was concerned it would do this as it has since the old days of 2.x so wanted to atleast have 3.2.1 to use when this new "stable" version crapped out Dr. D
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