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  1. Has anyone tried using the Linear Advance plugin on the S5 ?, i have seen it in the market place and quite interested.
  2. This makes more sense now, I was on 5.4 and must have flashed 2.11 back, will check the version numbers later. Not sure why my printer didn't prompt me to roll back. 5.4 is badly Brocken. It dragged the print nozzle accross the bed and dropped the bed at high speed into the end stop !!!, That should have never been released !, Just lucky my printer isn't damaged !!
  3. Not sure I follow, I wasn't prompted to do a update. I just reinstalled whatever UM gave me when I said install latest. Are you saying this is back to a older version ?
  4. i dont have the older version, is there somewhere to get those (incase it goes bad again)
  5. i am not sure you can downgrade the FW, is this possible ?
  6. update, @SandervG suggested re-install the firmware, did it via USB this time, that seems to have fixed it, will check on a couple more prints. Thanks to @SandervG !
  7. also, when its sitting in the cooldown phase, print core 2 heats up and then cools down !!!, someting is very wrong then if i wait around 5mins the print head homes and the print finishes
  8. I just updared my S5 firmware and the first print ended and just sat there in the cooldown phase with the print head a short way above the print @CarloK please help I selected skip cooldown, then the next print went haywire !, it dragged the nozzle accorss the bed after the level procedure and then the bed just dropped all the way to the bottom and failed !!!!, the software effectuvly crashed, never seen this before any ideas, can i roll back firmware ? Also i updated my Mac to Cataylina, but cant see how this would affect the slice and the end of the print ?
  9. Just download through Cura, that will give you the correct version.
  10. There is bug with 'not in infil' where Cura will it will either retract or comb when it shouldn't, I found it some time ago and discussed it on here. I don't think it ever got fixed. You can search for it user smart avionics looked into it at the time. Not sure if he is still around. But I just moved to not in skin to get consistent results. This could well be your issue
  11. Do you really mean infil or bottom layers ?, I do you have infil set to 100% ? If not you are looking at bottom layers. I very much doubt there is a bug as you describe. Likely you have a setting difference between the two profiles. Set combing to not in skin (I think you are talking about the bottom layers, not the infil) bottom layers are classed as skin, so you want not in skin. Also check things like 'retract at layer change' that would well be on in the profile where it's doing the extra retract.
  12. Coming back to this topic @SandervG I still haven't either heard anything nor recieved my second glass plate, could you please update ?
  13. Yes, use it all the time on my S5
  14. Use the z offset plugin
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