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  1. Indeed, but golden rule of software development is never do a release on a Friday if you don't plan on working for 2 days ! 😉🤪
  2. @ahoeben indeed, yes, signing out and also turning off check for updates at startup removes the annoying check. i will check out your plugin, sounds interesting, forgive me for the basic question, but what is it designed to go ?
  3. not seen any response from any of the UM team yet ?, looks like a widespread problem....
  4. Nope, that's the problem, you can't remove UM material profiles. I don't use ABS either!
  5. Seems something has happened with UM publishig their material profile update for ABS, it just keeps saying there is an update, you sync, quit Cura and it does the same again, syncing or updating the ABS profile won't clear !!
  6. I have been looking at this, not sure its the right way to do it, there are certain variables that are not present for the second extruder even when the settings are 100% the same, copying them over manually takes a load of settings which could not be present if managed by Cura. @SandervG, @CarloK, @territerriterri - could you one you please comment on the validity of this way to copy the settings ? Thanks
  7. many thanks, i am on Mac, anyway to do the same ?
  8. @territerriterri is there any update on this please ?, i am still finding it increasingly painful to just set the second extruder with the same settings as the first, i have to go one setting at a time and inevitably miss some, its extremely painful ! Many thanks
  9. i am getting stuttering on my S5, always have to some extent, but sometimes worse than others, see the attached image, i have read its related to the ability of the S5 to process the commands, i have let cura set the max dev and resolution numbers but still get stuttering, not great for such an expensive printer. See the image of the stutters causing blobs, always in the same place every 20 layers or so, i would assume the commands are overflowing the que at this point. @bagel-orb any ideas ?, latest S5 firmware 5.12 thanks
  10. The way I managed to get round this was to lower the print temps, the s5 actually needs fair bit lower temps than my 2+ did for the same material, maybe its the doors on the front, maybe the print cores, anyway, I print petg at about 215-220 and it works a treat.
  11. Hi, has there been any update on this, its such a pain on a dual extrusion printer to have to manually copy your optimised settings to the second extruder, not to mention the time taken to do this, its also prone to error when you miss a setting Can this please be added asap ?! thanks
  12. Thanks, I have a S5, but sounds like it shouldn't be an issue to do myself?
  13. has anyone changed the print head bearings on the 3 or the S5 (assuming the process would be the same), how difficult was it ?, any guides ? Thanks
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