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  1. Tried drilling it, got a couple mm down into it before i realized im not going to be able to get the point anyways. So I gave up, Ive had it soaking in water for a day hoping to dissolve the filament but havent seen much progress with it yet. I will look into that. thanks for the tip!
  2. Hi all, I have a U3 extended. The BB nozzle got clogged up with the material dried inside it. Its impossible to get it out. I took the printcore apart to get to it, everything else about the print core is fine. I just need to replace the nozzle and I can get back printing support material. Does anyone know where I can find them? I refuse to $160 to replace the whole print core for a $2 piece of brass. Just to throw another wrench into this, I live in Taiwan if that matters. I asked the store where I bought it and they tried selling me the print core. Thats crazy.
  3. Fair enough. didnt think about people who may have such issues. Really anything would help. Just something so that I know the extruder 1 vs extruder 2 tab visually. It could even be plain white on one and a light gray background on the other. I think I would prefer the color bar on one side but would be happy with anything.
  4. Hey all, Is it possible to distinguish the background colors of the tabs for the different extruder settings in Cura? Maybe it's just me, but I find myself often adjusting a setting for my main material only to realize I'm doing the support material without realizing it. is it possible to put a different color background or maybe a vertical colored bar next to the settings list (maybe to match the filament color) that changes depending on which extruder you are adjusting?
  5. Im OP, for some reason I couldnt log back into that account. I upgraded to 3.03 and seems to have solved the issue. It has gotten high (a littlbe over 1 gb) but nothing like it was before. It' been open now for an hour and id hovering at about 800 mb. Much more reasonable now I think. Tahnks.
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