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  1. Hi I'm having an issue with the new cura and 3d solex nozzles. I can not select the hardcore option in the drop down menu when choosing the print cores. The print manger shows the there is a hardcore in the slot. Because i can't choose the hardcore it will not start printing. How do i fix this thanks its becoming frustrating. Thanks
  2. Easy solution. Split the object in 2. One the base the other the texts. Merge on cura, select the text object and assign a lower nozzle size to make the extrusion on that area finner. Play until it fits and also, check the gcode view before printing to see if there’s gaps. This is already what I do. I have the base printed with a .4 and at a pretty fast speed. The text is done with the .25 with the settings stated in the first post. As you know this saves a huge amout of time with printing. Thanks for your help
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'm going to do some testing over the weekend. The text is really small right on the limit i feel. Thanks.
  4. Hi all I'm having an issue with these small holes in the text. I've done few prints with the holes in the same spot each time. Any ideas how go fix this? Using UM3 and Cura all up to data. Print settings Material: PVB 3D solex .25mm nozzle Temp. 195C Speed 20 mm/s No retraction 103% flow Thanks
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