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  1. Oh you are right, Cura doesn't update the start script. Adding a new Mark2 creates a different script, I changed it just now and will test it with the next print but I'm positiv it is fixed now. Thanks for the swift response.
  2. So it appears like I'm still having the problem that Cura uses the standby temp for the second head. I could swear I fixed that, maybe it was with Cura 3.2. I'm using the definition files for Cura 3.2 in the github, which specifically address that issue. Maybe there is a difference between Cura 3.2 and 3.2.1 now regarding this? Or do I need to change my start script now? I don't know. Again I'm on Cura 3.2.1 (not Beta) and the second printhead heats up to standby temp during the priming process, when the print start everything is fine.
  3. Okay I just got around testing it. It looks perfect now. I'd say it's as big as it should be now, any more and the quality would make it look too bad. Thank you very much for such hyperspeed support
  4. Well if you do it too much. But yeah maybe upscaling to fill out the whole window would be too much, but 2x the size should be fine and would make it much easier to monitor the print. I think in this case a clean image isn't as important as being able to easily see the print.
  5. Thanks that would be awesome. That would be great. So normally it would just take any resolution until it's too big and scale it down? Would it be possible to make it scale the image up to fill out the Cura window but maybe implement a scaling value to manually modify? Lets say I want it to always fill the available space to 75% (0.75 scaling) or something?
  6. I recently upgraded my UM2+ to work with Octoprint with a RaspPi + PiCamera. The Cura integration turned out to be extremely useful and everything is just so much more convenient. The only thing right now that could be better is the size of the camera window in Cura. I prefer to just leave Cura open to monitor a print but the cam size is pretty small. I'm on a 4k Screen so maybe this is just an oversight in cura itself and has nothing to do with the Octorint plugin. Many apps still don't scale properly in 4k but if there is a simple fix to this I would gladly like to know it. In th
  7. Yes I just finished the test print and the head just stopped on top of the print. I then added the same end-script I have in Cura (from the mark2 config) but it still just stops: G90 M104 S0 T0 M104 S0 T1 M140 S0 T0 M107 This should work in Octoprint, right? But it still just stops. I don't quite get why an end script is needed anyway isn't this part of the gcode EDIT: Well this doesn't work at all even when I try to send it over the terminal. If I want to home everything at the end I can send this and it works, it actually seems to be enough to just
  8. Thank you very much, just knowing it should work helped a lot understanding Octoprint. So it turns out Octoprint indeed always executes the gcode scripts and deleting them did fix the problem. I can send the print directly from Cura to Octoprint now and everything executes as expected. I'm currently testing if it will successfully finish a print job but so far everything looks great. It's not a dual extrusion print though but I don't see a reason why that wouldn't work. I guess the combined Mark2 + Octoprint Upgrade was a success. Thanks everyone!!!
  9. I'm currently using Marlin. I can also see the print head routes in the Octoprint webinterface under gcode viewer so the gcode seems to be readable for octoprint. I can also move the print head and the bed manually over the octoprint interface, so it also has control over the printer. It basically doesn't start the print after pressing the button. I did also add the Mark2 Cura startscript to the ocotprint start script section, but I think that should only be used if I would use octoprint to slice and not Cura on my PC. Or maybe this shouldn't be added there?
  10. I'm currently trying to setup Octoprint for my Ultimaker 2+ with Mark2 Upgrade. The Raspberry Pi is installed and connected to the Ultimaker and the camera is working fine as well. When I print from an sd card I get some temperature data for both print heads and the bed. The only thing that doesn't work is printing with Octoprint itself. Uploading a print job over the network works but when I press print, nothing happens. As far as I understand everything should be setup correctly so I'm wondering if this is a limitation of the Mark2 Firmware. I couldn't find anything regarding thi
  11. I've tested both versions of Cura now. 3.2 Release and 3.2 Beta and it looks different in the Release Version but it works as intended in the Beta Version. I'm gonna use the Beta for now, because the profiles work and the start script. I'm currently thinking of trying out octoprint for the first time. Do I have to do anything special when using Mark 2 or is it just like setting it up for a standard UM2+. Obviously with the right printer settings, since as fas as I understand you have to enter them manually in octoprint.
  12. I don't use a custom start script. So I have to edit this manually for now? Is there a way to fix this in the future, it seems like such a small inconvenience.
  13. I just got around testing it. I just wanted to download Cura 3.2 Beta when I noticed the final release is also available. Do I still need the Beta because it seems like profiles still don't work with 3.2 (non beta). I can't select UM2+ Profiles and when I try to save my own Cura crashes. I also found another weird thing. For some reason extruder 2 only heats up to 175°C to do the initial priming and I think also for the first layer. I'm using my PVA profile with 215°C which worked fine before. I can't find anything that would set to temp that low other than the standby temp, but wh
  14. Yes indeed this was the missing setting. And yes the reason I was looking for this was due to the support being printed on top of the PLA and thus peeling of mid print. The part did turn out quite alright even with the sub optimal support structure but I'm gonna give it a try with 3mm expansion next. And while we are at it. Cura also comes with Profiles like "Fine 0.1mm" which are missing from the Mark2 Menu. Is it possible to import these profiles somehow? I was pretty satisfied with my print quality and having missed the expansion setting I might have messed up some of my other s
  15. Hello everyone. Recently I converted my UM2+ into a Mark2 as well and so far it was a very smooth ride. The reason I did the upgrade was the ability to print with PVA as support. I startet with a small test print I got from Umagine and ran into a problem with Cura (version 3.1 is the one I tested). I can set up the second extruder to print the support structure but compared to the support structure of the UM3 profile it is completely different. This particular print however would benefit from the UM3 type structure but even when I choose the exact same settings Cura doesn't want to build
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