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  1. @gr5 Thanks a lot for this detailed explanation, I'll check it today and keep you in touch 😉
  2. Actually I didn't check them but I didn't think that it could be the issue because as I said the problem begin in the middle of print. it's perfect just for the first 40% of the model.
  3. Hello,I faced the problem of shift on layers for the first time while printing a base in the middle of progress. I thought that it may be issued of the configuration of the model on cura so I reconfigure the part but it repeats the shift in the same level of print progress. Also I checked all the grub screws on belt gears and they seem ok. This shift is about 1mm but it affects my part. Can someone help me? it's very urgent, thanks. Informations: Printer: Ultimaker 3 extended SW: Cura 4.4.1 Materials: Ultimaker PLA and natural PVA
  4. Hello dears, I am a new user of Ultimaker 3 extended for prototyping in my engineering activity. Unfortunately with the last parts which I printed, I remarked that the quality is decreased: I found that the first layer is not uniform (see the 1st pic) some dimensions are not accurate (shift of 0.3 or 0.4 mm) and also there are some points where material is accumulated (see pic. 2) I want you to know that I am using Cura 3.2.0 with recommended print setup, 1st extruder is PLA with print core AA 0.4. the second extruder for support is PVA BB0.4 Thanks in advance for advices.
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