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  1. has anyone else lost camera feed from octoprint in the latest stable build 3.3? it was working well in 3.2.
  2. that is helpful. I figured I could add a position to the beginning of the start code but I wasn't sure if the printer would head back to the print position on its own. I will have to give it a try.
  3. Hi I am using cura 3.2.1 with marlin 1.1.8. I am curious if there is a way to change the tool change location in cura. I am using a 2 to 1 hotend. I have start and stop script in cura working properly to pull the unused material out of the hotend and swap in the second material. that is all working as it should and I can get successful prints. however during the swap the nozzle stays over the last printed part while the switch happens and the nozzle temperature is adjusted for the new material. this leaves small blobs from time to time. in slic3r the hotend moves to x0 y0 during the tool chang
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