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  1. A little update: I got my rock tumbler. I polished my prints with inox spheres of 1mm, 2mm and 3mm, water and a drop of dish soap. I left it for 2 or 3 hours. This is the result: Not perfect, but a real improvement with respect to manual sanding. I now roughly sand manually my prints before the tumbling.
  2. Thanks for the information. I also saw this video: from Adafruit Insdustries Can't wait for my tumbler to try 😉
  3. I will receive a rock tumbler for my birhday, in a few days. I would like to use it to polish some prints in brassfill. The picture shows 2 prints (with an Ultimaker 3) with brassfill manually polished with sandpaper. The result is far from perfect. I read about tumbling with screws, inox balls and grit. From your experience, which method is the best? What'se the best way to use those methods?
  4. Caro25

    ultimaker 3.4

    J'ai égalemement fait un update sur Windows 10 sans problème. Par contre, je n'ai pas encore regardé les nouveautés.
  5. Caro25

    upgrade UM2

    Merci pour ta réponse darkdvd, je n'ai effectivement pas le bloc olsson et je n'ai jamais fait l'effort de remplacer le feeder, je vais donc serieusement penser à un upgrade
  6. Caro25

    upgrade UM2

    Bonjour à tous, Je me pose une question existentielle: J'ai une imprimante UM2 depuis 4 ans, et je me demande si je m'offrirais le "upgrage extrusion kit"... Pour info, je viens d'achter 2 imprimantes UM3 à mon boulot. Je n'ai donc pas l'intention d'acheter une UM3 pour la maison à court terme, car, je l'avoue, si je dois imprimer quelque chose avec une UM3, je le ferai probablement avec une du boulot. Qu'en pensez-vous? Cela vaut la peine?
  7. That's true... I will look a bit further in those hidden settings ?
  8. Thank you for your answers. Actually, the print time with the UM3 is more or less 200% the time with the UM2. This is a printscreen of what I obtain with Cura
  9. Hello, When I slice an object for the Ultimaker 3 in Cura (3.3 or 3.4) the printing time is much longer than when I slice it for the Ultimaker 2. Although, I use the same layer height and the same Print Speed. I want it to be printed with only one extruder. Can I speed things up with the Ulitmaker 3?
  10. Thank you for your answer. Actually, the walls are not perfectly vertical. Starting at an height of 4mm, they have an outward angle (a total of 3mm for an height of 3cm) (see picture). I stopped the print long before the end, as the problem started immediately. The shift seems to be only in X, as the problem remains but is far less acute when the object is rotated by 90 degrees. I never noticed this problem on my printer, although I'm printing whith it for nearly 4 years. Is it a problem which can appear after some time, or was it there from the beginning and I didn't notice because I never printed this kind of geometry before?
  11. Hi, As you can see on the picture , I have a problem with the position of the walls. It looks like the inner wall and outer wall are crossing each other, although I don't see this problem in Cura (see picutre). Does anybody knows what it can be? Best regards, Caroline
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