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  1. Thanks for the detailed report @SilverDynamic. As a follow up: I have had no problems related to my OP since moving houses to a location where the printer could live in an air conditioned room. Temperature appears to be an important issue with UM3.
  2. Just in case it is difficult to discern: I am talking about a brass sliver NOT as brass silver. The sliver/silver can be confusing. In the image, there is a slightly browner blurry spot. This is the brass I am referring to. The lighting in combination with the fact that it is partially embedded in black plastic makes it hard to get a good color read. The color of the brass part in the picture looks similar to the fingertip on the right side of the image in color. The silver strand next to the brass appears to point to it. This is a ripple on the surface of the plastic, and is
  3. Possible but unlikely. The metal was embedded in the melt before unscrewing. Picture added in edited OP.
  4. I recently had one of my AA cores jam. This isn't a new thing, but it was much worse than usual. I was running PLA. I tried to move the filament jam at T=200C, but it remained stuck. I had to cut the filament at the print core to get it out to look at it. As you can see, near the cut there is a blob of filament preventing movement. This jam was not discovered until after a run, and the heat of the core with pressure and a lack of movement caused the softened filament to blob up there. But that does not explain why I could not pull the filament back out.
  5. This topic is reporting an issue observed on my UM3E regarding some problems I have had with axles and motors falling out of place. These issues are believed to be fixed (unless more issues arise), but input for improvements are sought. Mostly this thread is documenting the observations to provide precedent for others who experience similar problems. Issue 1: Horrible noises from the printer indicated that something was very wrong. When I went to inspect the noise, I noticed that the X axis stepper motor was shaking like leaf in the wind. I turned my unit around to inspect the
  6. Necro-follow up. So it has been a few months since I posted this issue, and I am happy to report it is fixed. The grinding issue continued for a few months after this thread died. The Ultimaker support folks at fbrc8 (shout out to Spencer P. who has the patience of a saint) were helping me work on it. We went through several iterations of tests and fixes. During which we found that: One of my bowden tubes was installed with the beveled edge on the wrong end. The extruder lever began to break apart with the stress of the grinding, The breaking extr
  7. Thanks, but I'm honestly not that worried about the splitting. That can be easily remedied with glue and a clamp. I'm more concerned about what causes the split. If it is a press-fit thing that can be fixed with glue, that is dandy. If the split occurred due to some mis-alignment, then there are bigger problems.
  8. I have used both the auto load and cold load (where I lift the lever and insert to the end before using the "move" function to put the filament in the correct spot). The cold load happens most often as a matter of convenience when the damaged filament can be pulled out from the Bowden tube, snipped, then reinserted easily. Which extruder are you having trouble with? If it is the left side, the filament spool is not perfectly in line with the extruder. It might be an issue of the filament coming in at a weird angle. There was a suggestion earlier in this topic by @gr5 that spools
  9. As promised,here is an update. I'm tagging the folks that have been helpful and seem to be running some support shops: @gr5 @fbrc8-erin @kmanstudios The fix presented by the Ultimaker support folks was a replacement lever and setting the material flow to 100% from a previous test. I ran this off and on for about two weeks without issue. I produced 3 moderately sized statues during this time using PLA and Breakaway filament in the extruders. I did this for more than just a desire to collect a pantheon of archaic gods, but because these were designs with complex surfaces and requ
  10. I have not forgotten about this thread, and I had no intention of leaving without reporting a final solution. I have printed successfully since changing the lever and resetting the flow to 100%. However, it started acting up again with the same underextrusion patterns on my latest print. Sadly, this error came up on the same week as my back went out and I was driving my cat around to different emergency vets, so it got pushed to the back-burner. I have not taken apart the extruder yet to check for damage to the lever, but I will do that as soon as possible.
  11. I will be sure to post information for you here as well as on the Filastruder forums. I have probably 8kg of unusable filament now, be it 1.75 mm old stuff or the massive bucket of failure from this blasted issue. I also have 5 kg of virgin PLA to mix in. I know that PLA isn't friendly for heat recycling, so I had a crazy idea. I bought some methylene chloride and alizarin dye. The proposed primary degradation pathway for PLA during repeated extrusions is free radical damage. One method to stabilize these radicals is to add a quinone-based additive, which preferentially absorbs the free
  12. Only about $200 worth of filament left over from when I had a Makerbot. The plan now is to shred it all and make thicker filament on the Filastruder.
  13. Oh, I know I'm not getting anything besides OEM. My sarcasm doesn't always come across in text. Thanks for saying that S responded with some stuff to try. His email got bumped into spam, so I might not have noticed it.
  14. Was this the pull test I tried with ~7lbs and failed? I'd be happy to replicate (although I still need to find a better source of weight). No harm in a little shameless promotion. The parts sent from fbrc8 were paid for by the NA support folks. I haven't heard back from them, but I'm guessing they aren't too into doing a full upgrade. I'm just a little curious about the Bondtech feeders you have as a side note. I see a two-part feeder gear, and that is the only real difference. Is the rest of the kit really necessary if I can't print my own custom lever
  15. Bad news folks. It appears the damaged lever was more of a symptom rather than the disease. My first print failed. I tried to push it by giving it a large design with multiple colors and retractions. It is still underextruding. I have sent an email to the support guys, but they won't be in the office until Monday.
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