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  1. @ahoeben Thank you for the screenshot. Now I know where the button is and it seems to be working, but invisible. Hidden feature LOL
  2. I've tried to move around the cursor, but found only 1 "button", what seems to be the "manage...". Will try to aim according your screenshot when I get home. Running Win 8.1 Pro
  3. @ahoeben How should it look like? At the top of the great white area the mouse cursors turns into "hand" and if I click there the browser opens and takes me to an ultimaker related page. Pretty frustrating that I have backups, but cannot restore them. ? Win 8.1 Pro.
  4. Hello! The backup addon is a nice feature, but how to restore backups? I can create backup ZIPs, I can delete them, but cannot restore. What is the trick?
  5. I print usually 3, sometimes 2 walls and both settings you mentioned are enabled. But the printer prints the infill (before or after the walls) -let's say- separately from the walls. Just wondered if the start or end of a perimeter (maybe both) coud be hidden eg. into the infill, so the possible blob it causes would be invisible and there would be less tinkering needed to create less visible Z seams.. I set the Z seam alignment to "closest", but it is still not exatly where the infill ended.
  6. Hello All! I am pretty new ( <1 year) in 3D printing and using slicers and I'd like to ask a noob question... The layer end/start usually leaves a more-or-less visible mark on the outer surface of the object (FDM technology). Why it must be on the outer surface? Would it not be possible to start the layer or at least the outermost wall from the inside of the model? By this the seam would be more hideable. Or is it a very stupid idea?
  7. Hello, I've installed the 3.3.0 and tried the support blockers... they are useable, but could be much better. It's tricky to place, move and scale those cubes. Also the software gets slow and lags at the first operation with the cubes. Placing is OK, but the 1st time I want to modify them I have to wait a lot. All next operations are OK again. I'd much more prefer to remove the support structures just by click on them. Why have the developers chosen this strange solution? I also would like to have a modified lay flat option. It would be nice just to select the face I want
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