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  1. After too many tests ... Finally I got the finish I wanted (below piece) I have modified the width of the wall and the number of walls to only one and practically nozzle marks have disappeared. Surely I can refine a little more. Thank to all.
  2. Thanks Fergazz, following your advice I have lowered the retraction speed to 35mms and the finish is the same. Thanks SandervG, the surface thickness that I use is 4 layers. I have made a test print with the default profile for the Ultimaker 2+, 0.4 nozzle, layer 0.15 and PLA (I have only changed the temperature to 200). I put a photo, up default profile, down best print with my settings. Then I have tested with the different surface finishes. The ironing finish is still not homogenous, maybe the speed of 20mms is too slow and it heats the surface too much.
  3. Thanks Gr5. Yes, I am doing tests and I do not lie to you, I have more than 25 "aul" made. I have set the "Combing" only for the skin and the "Z hop" to 0.2mm, but it only acts in the retractions of the layer change. The last thing that I changed this afternoon is the retraction to 4.5 mm and the speed of retraction I have raised it to the maximum 45mm/s. I have disconnected the option to fill gaps between lines. The results you can see in this photo, the "aul" below is the improved version. Then I tried changing
  4. This morning I have been trying to adjust and it has improved a lot, almost perfect but It still leave the circular mark of the nozzle when it jumps from one zigzag to another. Someone who has happened something like this and has solved it? Settings: Temperature 200/198/195 Layer 0.15 Speed 35mms Retraction 5mm / 35mms Retraction minimun travel 0.8mm Maximum Retraction Count 90 Minimum extrusion distance window: 5mm Top/Bottom Pattern: Zig Zag Coming mode: No Skin ZHop: activate / 0.2mm Photos of the three temperature variables, there are no sign
  5. Thank you SandervG, The walls and infill are perfect. The problem is the superficial finish, the lines is not a problem for me, i like it ?. I have got to improve the finish changing the surface finish, lines to zigzag, to reduce the retractions. I have also changed the retraction to 5mm and the speed to 30mm/sec and the temperature has dropped to 200°. The surface finish has improved, then I put a photo, but the marks of the nozzle in the zones where it makes small fillings still appear. I do not know if the solution is to increase the sp
  6. Hello everyone, This is my first english post in this forum and I hope it is not the last one, I really want to learn and at the same time share my experiences with all of you. Well I have an Ultimaker 2+ printer one month ago and it is the first one with "open" software to be able to configure the different printing parameters. I am progressing little by little but now I am blocked with superficial finishes and I would appreciate it if you please help me. A picture of piece (PLA of the brand Fillamentum). I do not know if it's the pr
  7. Hola a todos, Esta es mi primer post en este foro y espero que no sea el último, tengo muchas ganas de aprender y a la vez poder compartir mis experiencias con todos vosotros. Bueno os cuento hace un mes que tengo una Ultimaker 2+ y a pesar de no ser mi primera impresora si que es la primera con software "abierto" para poder configurar los distintos parámetros de impresión. Vengo de una sencilla impresora china con software "cerrado" pero francamente muy optimizado para la impresora en cuestión y ahora me encuentro perdido con las casi infinitas opciones de configu
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