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  1. Dear jofleck, You can use a Nema 17 stepper motor (1,8 degree per step / 5 kg/cm) Regards Yair
  2. Hi, If I use 2x E3D v6 hotends with titan extruders will I have problems when uploading the Tinkergnome's firmware? According to me I will loose the prior settings, is that a problem? Thanks
  3. Hi, Has anyone tried the Prometheus dual extrusion system on a ultimaker 2? I have modded my UM2 to a E3D v6 hotend and would like to go for the Prometheus system, is that possible? thanks
  4. Hi, I have a Ultimaker 2 that I have modded to a E3D v6 hotend. I want to do more flex printing, so I decided to leave Bowden and go for direct drive extrusion. Question: has anyone tried the Titan extrusion + motor on the UM2? Or the Titan Aero? Thanks
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