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  1. I have just spent TWO HOURS trying to work out why my brand new CR-X printer wasn't seeing files on the SD card. What was REALLY frustrating was the fact that I could see the first file I created but none others. I reloaded Cura (4.5) and yelled at the printer all without success. I searched the internet for answers. And then I found this post - OH MY GOD you have saved me. This issue doesn't make sense as I can see all my files on my CR10 which only added to my frustration. Not too keen on the different interface on CR-X but keen on the dual e
  2. Hi Tinkergnome Thanks for that info, it makes sense now ... dumb user. Taking your advice I created a solid, scale version of my design in Fusion360, and life was better. So now I've remodelled my item at the size I wanted to print, with suitable wall thickness (shelled) and problem solved. Now all I need to do is work out the best approach for trying to print a scale version of my designs without redoing them at scale size.
  3. I just printed a test piece i created in Fusion360, basically just a small box with 2mm walls. In Cura i set wall thickness to 1.2mm. It printed out at 2mm wall thickness. It demonstrated a couple things, first that scaling my original image in Cura is not a good idea and second the settings in Cura are not being updated in the gcode for the print. Another interesting thing i picked up on is the extruder temp i set to 210 in Cura but the model settings display 180 in the CR-10 control panel. So am i expecting too much from Cura or am i doing something wrong?
  4. My mistake, I rechecked my original full size design and what I thought was some sort of support raft is in the part required. The way it's been printing out I thought it was something else, so in the images above, the first one is indicating the seperation of the print (bottom circle in image). Just tried printing it face down and its better but too thin.
  5. Hi gr5 Not sure what you're asking for when you say "slice view". The image labelled "CR-10 print_2" is a larger version of the two. I've included the Cura version. I've got multiple issues with trying to print this part which I'm sure comes down to my settings. I'm starting to suspect that my Print Setup settings are being included in the gcode for the print because of the Shell Wall Thickness setting. As you can see in the two actual part images, the skin is just lifting off and the radius corners aren't printing correctly. Hope that's enoug
  6. I'm using version 3.2.1 on Win 7 with a CR10 5S printer. My design is created in Solidworks at full size and saved as an STL file - for the sake of this post we'll call it a high sided tray. When I open it in Cura I scale it to 20% which means all of the wall thicknesses are proportionaly scaled - original thickness is 2mm. I've tried adjusting the wall and top/bottom thicknesses to compensate but its not being printed. I'm new to both the printer and Cura. I've been able to print what I want but the wall and horizontal top layers are so thin. I have a second problem in that th
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