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  1. Hello. This is how the bottom raft layer looks now on Cura 3.6: All of these inner lines are printed individually so after each printed line there is a retraction. The middle raft layers are printing using zig-zag pattern with connected lines: Can we somehow enable "connect lines" feature on the bottom layers to avoid unnecessary retractions and increase bottom raft layers printing speed?
  2. Indeed, it does. Thank you very much 👍 Here's another one visual "issue": Click on the layer slider's top circle and it becomes active (blue) with the tooltip showing current layer on the left. But! Click on the line between two circles and something appears just under the sidebar. If we start to press "Down" button on the keyboard this "something" moves down until we see that it is just a current layer tooltip but now it's on the right of this slider. Sorry, I do not find these bugs on purpose. They just reveal themselves 😁
  3. Thank you! There's another place with an empty space. On both prepare and preview tabs. To see it yourself just start resizing Cura window horizontally:
  4. Do this empty space intended to be here?
  5. Hm... I never thought of it that way. But hey, that is even cooler and enables more possibilities like making specialized custom sets for material types or even print types (miniatures, vases, etc). So yes, that would definitely satisfy my request! 👍
  6. How hard (or is it even possible for plugins) will it be to implement favorite settings section in the sidebar like I described here?
  7. My suggestion for much much more comfortable print settings section is: Please make an ability to "star" (favorite) any setting and group these in one collapsible item "Favorites" on top of existing (Quality, Shell, Infill etc). This will speed up my ordinary preprint process a lot as I only tweak 1 to 10 settings located here and there... I know I can uncheck all the unused settings but I don't like to do it because I want to have access to all the settings at any time without need of using search field. Each favorite item can have its section icon to quickly determine what section
  8. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I managed to solve my problem by exporting my profile, changing its extension to zip, extracting and editing its contents. If you are interested in what I've changed so I simply deleted all the values in [values] section with "temperature" and "fan" keywords in them: default_material_bed_temperature default_material_print_temperature material_final_print_temperature material_initial_print_temperature material_print_temperature cool_fan_speed cool_fan_speed_max and one retraction parameter: retraction_amoun
  9. Hello. I am switching from S3D to Cura. Using v3.6 right now and I cannot understand what's the point of separate materials dropdown? I made my own materials in materials section - PLA and ABS. I set different tool and table temps for them accordingly. But when I select these materials they don't change any temperature values in profile settings sidebar. Am I missing something or is that a normal Cura behaviour? Wouldn't it be great if there was a new "Mat" ("Mx", "Mt", "Mtrl", you name it) icon next to the "Fx" icon for some of profile fields? So when this "Mat" icon is active/che
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