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  1. I want to show to all of you the good work of this mod, in my opinion it is a good support way. I am not the author, the author is reddit user Thomas Rahm, if you read, good job! Can i ask if an implementation is planned? I would like to keep my CURA updated and this mod at the same time. Thanks for your time and for your wonderful job!
  2. I can find some spot of support nearby the object, is this a bug? Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks
  3. I can't because the stl is from heroforge and it is not redistributable 😞
  4. HI, as you can see in the image until layer 16 it is all ok, but layer 17 is too much surface and the quality is not good. Can specify in cura that i want that kind of infill in the first 16 layers? The original file is form heroforge the blue part is a raft made by cura. Thanks!
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