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  1. For various reasons my S5 is not networked. Can someone send a link so I can upgrade my firmware via USB......please!
  2. I am having the same issue with a new S5 and it is the PLA that is not printing fully, the PVA is fine. Could it be the wheel is slipping, I noticed the material I am using does not have ridges and is perfectly smooth?
  3. Was one of the suggestions from the US support group, connections inside and in back "look" good. I guess I have to take it apart and put a meter on it?
  4. I think it is the actual probe itself, as the fault often happens before the glass is within 10mm of the nozzle. I am going to try a Firmware update, and then throw in the towel till the support staff gets in on Monday. To say the least I am a bit bummed as it is a brand new machine, I will say though, when running, she is a beauty....
  5. Glass is spotless, I also followed all the advice on Leveling...... I am in an office with little or no RF and the printer is on a secure table.
  6. I am having the same issue with a brand new machine. Did you find a resolution?
  7. I am getting a persistent failure. "Nozzle Offset Probe Failed". This was happening occasionally right out of the box, but was resolved with either a bed leveling or a hard reset. Now it is constant and I can't print! I have replaced both Heads and did a Factory Reset..... Any help would be appreciated.
  8. The CA glue works well, just ordered some Revell to do further tests. Is there a Tough PLA in Bronze, Tan or Light Brown, what makes it tough?
  9. I am printing a few parts in Tough PLA Black and am looking for a permanent compatible adhesive to Glue them together after they have been printed.
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