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  1. It must be either Cura itself or one of its settings i randomly tried craftware to slice it and repeiter host to print and it printed without a single hole or under extrusion defect. (slic3r would have probably printed it fine too. same speed setting and even 100% flow instead of 120%) it was a better print than I've seen from Cura in over a year or two. I tried older version of Cura 3.5 and 3.3.1 and it was better at 100% flow same speeds but still had a tiny gap at the corner about 3 layers high. I would have tried 1.5.4 but it refuses to start last i used that version was about 2 weeks a
  2. Thanks for your reply and generous help. i haven't really changed my settings much in the last 5 years. i got a Prusa i3 mk1 clone back when they were acrylic frames. I use Cura exclusively but i can try an alternative as a test. Using part of the setting list above Layer height 0.3mm Line width 0.35mm Wall line count 3 Nozzle temp tried 190, 200, 210 Build plate 50 Flow 120% (100% really bad random under extrusion.) "V use to print great at these speeds V" Print speed 80mm/s Wall speed 40mm/s Retraction on or off either way it does the sam
  3. Any updates on this issue? im dealing with the exact same thing. so identical that the defects look exactly the same.
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