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  1. Can anyone tell me why i would get these cracks? They are very evenly spaced at what looks like the same distance. Material is ABS, 240C extruder, 95C on the Bed. The other stuff is support so not to worried about it. Any help would be great.
  2. You might be on to something with the Network issues and the filament issue. My printer has ran all night, only after Cura on my machine crashed. I was connected via network to it. I went back now to connect as the print is almost done and i can't connect, when i look at the machine it says the network is disconnected. So network is not hooked up and it ran all night fine...
  3. I have been ok when i shut flow control off. I fear the day i have a big blob because i did this, but so far it has ran all night. when i was only getting 30 minutes with flow control on.
  4. I have a New S5 on 5.1.8 20181207 printing ABS in Extruder 1 that gets the same error now. I just shut off flow control. I have PVA in extruder 2. but it is not selected for support. Is this the latest firmware?
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