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  1. Hi shurik, I downloaded a 3d file from cadmapper.com setting a height of 20m.
  2. Agreed. I will be working on a variety of scales and expect to experiment quite a bit. Fortunately the main model I will be building is at 1/16” = 1’-0” (1:192) which prints well (still have to figure out detail level a bit). Picture attached. Also a city site model from simple 3d data pulled from the web. The land mass in that scaled so thin it created an interesting mesh instead of solid surface - the accidental result came out really nice!
  3. Thanks geert_2 and Framar, Flat printing is an option I expect to explore as I do more models, especially for larger scale models with more detail, but for now I am trying to use out of the box capabilities for printing buildings with little or no finish work/assembly. I will try the suggested settings adjustments and let you know how they work.
  4. Hi UM experts, I have a UM5 and am trying to get the best quality prints for architectural models. The larger scale models, 1/16" = 1'-0" print fine, but the smaller scale, ~1" = 50' does not. A photo is attached. Left print is at .1mm height and the right is at .2mm using pla. Are there particular setting I can adjust to stop the blobs on the piers between windows? Is the detail level/size of the piers to small and thin to get a good print? Thanks, John
  5. Hi All, I have a new S5 and am using Cura on my MacPro. When using non UM filament and sending a print from the Mac via wifi as opposed to a memory stick) to S5 I get an error message in the queued job in Cura saying "requires configuration change" to the filament I have assigned in Cura. The S5 screen then has a "change configuration" message listing the assigned material, but when I press "OK" nothing happens and the only way to print is to "Override" the error in Cura. How do I fix this? Also, in general how does the S5 handle non UM filaments, do they become part of an on board library of materials on the S5 with the names I have assigned? Are they all just listed as "generic" but take the formatting included with the print file? Thanks John
  6. Thanks Smithy. I just tried, but the shaded area did not change and I get the same error messages. I'm on a MAC also, not sure if that matters.
  7. Hi All, I have a print that fits within the S5 specified build volume of 330 x 240 x 300mm. When I hit "Prepare" it says unable to slice/model doesn't fit build volume. In Cura 3.6.0 the model is 320.6 x 232.6 x 14.7mm and fits within the wire frame "build volume". It does not fit within the shaded border on the gridded view of the build glass in Cura. Is there a setting to make this model work? Is the specified build volume correct? Thanks, John
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