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  1. Thanks, How much warp Polypropylene and Polycarbonate? Since most of my printed parts are larger than 100-120mm (4-5 inches), warping is usually the most restrictive characteristic of the filament...
  2. Thanks you all, I have just tried "PLA 870", which is as easy to print as standard PLA and it is noticeabily more tough (I don't know if it is the same material as "Tough PLA". According to the manufacturer specs, if a printed part is annealed into a oven (it is submited to 110-120ºC during about 20 minutes), it experiences a crystalization process that increases quite a lot the impact resistance and the thermal resistence. I haven't tried this yet, but this treatment is supposed to affect the final dimensions of the part (the crystalization imply a volume reduction)
  3. Muy buen trabajo, Sólo una duda. Tenía entendido que lo de cerrar completamente estas impresoras provocaba que los "steppers" se vieran sometidos a mucha temperatura, y que todo lo que sea pasar de 60ºC suponía riesgo de cargarselos. ¿No has tenido ningún problema al respecto?
  4. Hi! I am using Ultimaker 2+ for prototyping components of machines. These parts are not geometrically complicated nor have fine details, but I want these prototypes to be more or less functional, so the priorities are: - Dimensional stability (the lowest warping) - good mechannical properties (specially critical is the layer adhesion). Up to now, I have used PLA, which has a good dimensional stability, but its mechannical behaviour is not so good, and ABS, which is quite stronger but only works well when the pieces doesn't have long and straight faces or walls (contr
  5. Hi all, I am a new user of Ultimaker 3D. I used another 3d printer (Zortrax) in my previous job, but i used it for other purposes. Now, among other things, I would like to print non-functional mockups of some devices (machines) starting from the 3D engineering models. When scaling a model (i.e. 1:10) some elements geometries become too small to be printed (i.e. the thickness a tubular structure). Since the mockup doesn't need to be functional, I don't need to reproduce all the details (screws, fittings, hollowness of tubular structures, etc.). Is there any tool that simplif
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