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  1. Can you please share the firmware changes for the Duet to work with the DXU?
  2. 1.75 only in my case. option you have is to install an UM3 head and always first pre-heat nozzle 2 on your start Gcode
  3. I hope this images can explain it better, sorry for not having more details before
  4. Thank you for your design, I am trying a variation of it to keep the spring inside and not to reduce the cooling rings. please check the photos - if you modify the head bottom section to incorporate the spring adapter is even easier. let me know your comments. The drilling is easy and works great.
  5. yyh1002, My bad, when migrating to version 4.0 all my settings became corrupted and could not make it work. I just tried with 4.3 again with your profile and works !!! - thank you.
  6. DXU and Cura 4.3 - changed the disallowed areas to match the DXU def.json file and the backplate image. Print area is now showing as the original DXU - without it the print area is minimal on the Mark2 def.json if choosing extruder 1 and 2 does anybody knows if other changes are needed?
  7. The DXU works with Cura 4.03 if choosing the Mark2, input your printer specific dimensions and filament, even the post processing file works, change the start- Goode to match the DXU profile we have in Cura 3.6 and that’s it..so far I have printed calibration cubes with dual color with no issues, have not printed a large model yet. Think it is promising
  8. There is a printer definition in the latest Cura for Mark2 variant, has anyone edited to create a DXU profile in Cura 4.3?
  9. Hello, I have modified my SANJIU Z360 (Ultimaker 2 extended plus- clone) first with the original DXU design and after some under extrusion problems I finally got it tuned. now i have printed the second version of the head / fans and it is working very well. THANK YOU !!!
  10. When you buy on Taobao you have the option to buy PI rings so the tube is not in contact with the hot end yyh1002 wrote: I added a PI ring between the nozzle and PTFE tube for heat resistance, similar to the one by 3D Solex
  11. thank you !!. this is the link, perhaps faster than using an agent (still waiting for one part) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3D-Printer-Upgrade-Ultimaker-2-UM2-Extended-Newest-Olsson-Block-Nozzle-Hot-end-Kit/32988128287.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.79084c4dR7XwgC
  12. Talking about sourcing of materials being difficult- Aliexpress is selling the following for UM3 and perhaps the DXU can work with it https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32957845038.html
  13. Thanks for your posts, I have ordered most parts and will try to make the convertion for my UM2+ Extended. What's the difference between the two extended firmware versions ?
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