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  1. Hi, thanks for the replies. Of course, the line width is set to 0.4mm and also the nozzle size. Also if I try to set thinner/bigger lines, for example 0.38 or 0.42 instead 0.4, the nozzle will move 2 times over the Walls, which are 0.4mm. The same result is, when I make the walls thinner than 0.4mm. It can also not be a solution to work with wrong nozzle or wall settings, then I will get other trouble. The problem is to remove the support when the lines are 0.8mm. Greetz CR
  2. Hi @all This is my first post here, and I come up directly with a question... I use Cura since a long time, and I'm sure that it has worked in a previous version. I create the supports for overhangs of my object in the 3D Designer directly and don't use Curas support option for it. My problem is, if I create a wall of 0.4mm (same as nozzle size), Cura create a GCode for two lines for this "wall". I have read this Thread here: https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/20759-how-to-get-cura-to-slice-my-04-mm-walls ... But this is not my problem. I can slic
  3. Hi @all, So this is my first post, and first I will say a "Hello" to all. ... And Yes, I've seen that the thread is 2 Years old 😉 My question is, whether this feature was already implemented ? I have the problem, that I want to print an I/O cover frame. For this I placed the frontside of the frame to the bed on a glass panel to get a very smooth surface. But in the cover are a lots of holes for the connectors and the printer head have to move to a lot points to start the walls and also for the infill the head must start, stop and move to new start points for printing. Now I
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