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  1. Ok i figured it out. It was under extrusion. The stock plastic extrudor was just bad. I replaced it with a aluminum one and everything was fixed!
  2. Hello, after leveling my bed I tried a bed leveling test print of one layer and this came out. I don't know where the problem is. Is my nozzle clogged? If it is clogged than I don't know what to do. I have already clean my nozzle many times but it still keeps clogging.
  3. Ok i have found the "Minimum support x/y distance" settings. But i can't find the rest. Maybe ultimaker changed the name of these settings?
  4. New PS should arrive tomorrow. Will install it and after 1 or 2 days of printing i will give feedback if it did the trick!
  5. Someone uploaded the same problem described here power supply was defect/dead. I ordered a new PS now and hope it will solve this problem.
  6. Hello, after a few hours of printing the targeted temperature E0 drops from 200°C to 0 AND the bed temperature drops to 0 too (with an error message). After 30 hours of printing my print failed and I couldn't resume the printing again. My fans are working fine. What could be the cause? UPDATE: New power supply arrived. I installed it (+ new silent fan, the original is very very loud) and i started a new print. 30 min printing and looks fine. Will update again the next day! UPDATE 2: I think the new power supply did the trick. After a 33 hours print everything was printed fine without interruptions of any kind (like hotend or heat bed temp drop). I guess there was either some high peak voltages sometimes that killed my original power supply. Now I'm using a multi socket with an inbuild overvoltage protection.
  7. Hello, i have a Anycubic i3 Mega which has a max printing height of 205mm. The model i want to print is 240mm tall so the rest is sticking out of the printing area. How do i make sure/force my printer to only print the model which is inside the allowed printing area? I cannot slice my model unless i somehow remove the area which is too tall. My plan is to only print the 205mm of the model and the rest 35mm separately. How can i do that?
  8. Hallo, ist es möglich Formate wie SDF, JSON, XML oder ASNT in ein für cura lesbares Format umzuwandeln? mfg
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