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  1. Has anyone ever experienced two materials overlapping with one another when making a print? I have tried tightening the pulley set screws and calibrating both the X-Y coordinated and lift switch multiple times, but this problem continues to occur. Below are images of what is supposed to be a brim, but the two materials continue to overlap each other and this is the best I have gotten it.
  2. What are the advantages to using a prime tower during a double extrusion print? Does it make the prints turn out better than when not using one? Just looking for feedback because I don't know much about the tower. Thanks.
  3. I only did manual leveling after i initially got the message the first time. We will try and see if that's what's wrong though.
  4. I was attempting to calibrate my XY on the Ultimaker S5 right after replacing one print core from AA 0.4, to a different AA 0.4. Now every time I try to do anything I get this message. Any Ideas?
  5. I am currently attempting to print a Nylon part through the ultimaker cura app. I have exported the part as an STL file from Fusion 360 and placed it in the middle of my Cura workspace. As i slice the part, an extra, or "ghost" part seems to appear in the Preview tab. Any thoughts as to why this may be happening?
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