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  1. I agree. This is after all a third party printer with yet another party board in it installed by the end user. Even Creality can't support such a modification. It is obviously such a thing can't be supported here. I only intended the previous comment to be a warning to those who have this modification on their printers. I've already contacted BigTreeTech about this. (I actually did that just moments after creating the post above). They have confirmed receiving my message, but haven't responded about the issue yet. Still waiting on that. I'll report back when they do.
  2. With the latest Cura (4.6.2 at the time of writing this), this is still a problem. I'd even say a serious one. I left my Ender 3 powered on with the USB attached and didn't think much of it. While remote-controlling my computer from elsewhere, I started up Cura and did what I usually do when starting up a print by remote. But I saw that the printer wasn't responding any longer. Gave up at that moment. Coming back home after a few hours, I noticed a weird siren-like noise from my hobby-room. Went in to check it and found the Ender 3 in a hanged state, emitting that noise from the stepper mo
  3. I saw that, but both USB printing and AMF reader shouldn't affect the welcome screen or any UI related elements. Right? Anyhow I will try the master tree as well. Thanks for the support and work so far. (^.^)b
  4. Back again. With Uranium from the git mentioned above installed, and cura rebuilt with it, it still makes no difference. I've attached a log if needed. ...and Yes. I did use the mb-master. Here's the pkgbuild file I made for it: http://ix.io/1PAb cura-console.log
  5. I'll give it a burl. Will return with my findings soon. Thanks.
  6. Hi there. Tiny wee lil problem with one of two Ultimaker 2+ machines: When changing material, it pull out and loads in the material for a far too short distance, It stops feeding after 1/3rd way. Both when unloading as well as loading material in. The other machine, does however feed in and out the material at the correct distance when changing material. Everything else seems to work fine though. I just have to lift the roller spring and manually force-feed the rest of the 2/3 way the material didn't travel. After that everything else seems to flow on as usual. Just
  7. Understood. Will use the appimage from here on. Why you're receiving lots of bug reports from Arch users and those who use similar distributions based on Arch is likely due to the nature of how packages are managed in these distributions. Many tend to favor pulling down source code and build it for their own local repositories. (AUR. Arch User Repository). Arch makes this process tremendously easy with powerful tools, even for intermediate users.
  8. I'm on it. Will try out the app image right away. Personally I prefer running applications as native as possible. I'm glad to hear it's a known problem with the later QT versions. I remember reading that somewhere out there. I wonder, are there other container/package formats officially supported? Snap? Flatpak? etc...
  9. Hi. First post here, so why not make it a "bug report"? 😃 I'm a linux user, (More precise Arch Linux), and also active in the linux community. Just got started with 3D-printing with a Ultimaker 2+ Everything is going fine so far with the windows version. So I thought I'd give the linux version a shot. Said and done, I decided to pull it from the github and compile it (according to Arch Linux standards that is) Version 4.1 got compiled in and starts up, and once it has started it presents me a "Welcome screen". At first I had no idea what to do with it, as it
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