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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have updated the Firmware (twice) so will run the print again to see if it has solved the issue. Oddly, the bed leveling was/is fine, and all other prints smaller than 225mm tall have been printing fine, hence me thinking I was missing something in Cura.
  2. Dear Ultimakerists, I am having an issue using the full print height of our UM2E+. The model is just under 300mm, and I am printing from 0 i.e. not raft. The preview (below) shows that CURA (4.1.0) believes it will print but I have tried twice and the print stops at 225mm and the printer throws a "ERROR: tried to print out of printing area". I can see how the print might fail closer to the Z height limit but 75mm short seems strange. I have checked that the Printer Settings are set to 305mm Z height. It is very possible I am missing something very obvious, s
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