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  1. I am printing the all in one 3d printer test micro. I am printing this on a QIDI tech x one 2. I am printing this in HATCHBOX black PLA: link. I am using the cura settings attached. It comes out as shown in the images attached. There is a lot of stringing, which I really want to prevent, and the overhangs seem to droop earlier than they should. There is also a weird aspect with the overhangs that i've noticed in other prints too. In the longer branch as shown in the picture with a view from underneath, you can see that around 0-10 degrees is just fine, but 10-45 gets bad and messy, then 45-70 is just fine again. Please let me know anything I can try to solve these issues. Thanks AIl_In_One_3D_printer_test_micro.stl settings.curaprofile
  2. I have recently been having issues with prints I make sticking too well to the build plate. My build plate has a cover, I am printing with the Qidi Tech x one-two. One time I tried to get the print of with a razor blade, and couldn't. So I had to peel off the build plate cover. Even that was stuck to the build plate where the print was. I ended up using the back of a hammer and pried it off after like 20 minutes and with the build plate heated. Another time I ended up heating the build plate to 70 degrees Celsius, and I was able to remove it but the print got deformed where it was stuck the most. I am printing with amazonbasics premium white pla.
  3. Here's the 3mf file, sorry it took a while I had a few days in a row where I had no time to do this.CFFFP_whistle insane quality.3mf
  4. I am attempting to print a whistle, specifically a slightly modified version of https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2981309 Inside the whistle are small air chambers that need to be as smooth as possible. My main issue is that Cura will sometimes make a travel across the chamber, risking stringing which can mess up the airflow a lot, when Cura could just have the nozzle go around the chamber to the other side. I have messed with the "combing" setting in travel, and it makes a lot less travels across the chamber, but there are still some. Additionally, most of the travels it does make are with retractions, which reduces filament flow, but every once in a while there will be a dark blue line instead of a light blue line, signaling that the nozzle will travel without retracting. I also have a less significant issue with the top of the chamber sometimes sagging. It is mostly fixed with the experimental bridge settings though. I am asking to see if anyone has had similar issues with Cura not going around, or not retracting, and how else I can reduce stringing as much as possible. I also increased the travel speed, that made it worse, so I'll probably decrease it to solve a lot of it.
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