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  1. Hi experts! I sure could use a hand here please. I was trying to tune out some very repeatable zits, only in the end did I look at the tool path preview. Low and behold there is indeed tiny yellow dot outside the wall exactly where my zits are! The move itself is a bit weird - why not travel directly to destination ? I can also observe the zit being extruded using http://gcode.ws/ In the attached, watch layer 14. Happens on loads of layers, but not every layer, e.g layer 17. I'm out of my depth here! Kindly advise. Thanks Tim retraction test - cylinder.3mf retraction test - cylinder (1).stl
  2. Wowzers! That's a scary long and bunch of detailed settings right there! Thank you @burtoogle I guess because it's in Experimental the issue I reported has already been recongnised and will trickle down to default behaviour in a future release ?
  3. Thanks @burtoogle. Saved properly this time! Sorry. Please find attached. I tried using Top/Bottom line directions [0,90] but that did not influence the direction of layer 41. modified_MK3_fan_blower.3mf
  4. Cura 4.2.1 It strikes me that the optimal path for bridges ought to be horizontal because a) shorter distance, and b) start and end on existing walls with solid foundations. Please see layer 41 towards the end when bridging starts, we have long diagonals ending on a very weak line at the top of Y, and naturally the whole layer droops at the top of Y. Would be handy if someone could recommend improved settings, else is this worthy of a software bug/feature report ? Thank you in advance Tim X_carriage_-_modified_MK3_fan_blower.stl modified_MK3_fan_blower.3mf
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