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  1. Thank you. Much appreciated! 🙂
  2. OK thanks. Your work on all your plugins is much appreciated!
  3. @ahoeben Any idea why your updated Cura 4.4 compatible plugin is still not available?
  4. Excellent news, I am addicted to the Material Settings plugin. My workflow is totally dependent on it. Thank you for making and maintaining this plugin!
  5. Same issue here, I just installed Cura 4.4 and the "Material Settings" plugin no longer works. Any chance you can fix this @ahoeben?
  6. Thanks @ahoeben, the beauty of open source and you just reminded me that Cura is open source, so now I know where to look.
  7. Yes you are right about that, but I still think Cura should have inserted it's temp control G-Code *after* the Startup G-Code. Trying to understand the logic of what's going on: I assume that Cura looks for "M140 {material_bed_temperature_layer_0}" before layer 1, and if it can't find it it inserts it. Is that how it works? Also for my own understanding, how is the variable material_bed_temperature being set? Is it set depending on where in the code it is? So at the start of the code material_bed_temperature is set to material_bed_temperature_layer_0 and after the first
  8. Really? I set default_material_bed_temperature in my material settings by using your plugin, but if I use one or the other is besides the point. This is not the issue at all. The issue is that Cura inserts Gcode before my Start G-code, that won't change if I use one or the other. Cura will still insert those G-Codes where it should not. Anyhow thanks for trying to help, I have registered this as an issue in GitHub.
  9. Thanks, but did you even look at my startup G-Code? I do have commands to heath up both my bed and my hotend there. And in any case, IMHO Cura should not insert *anything* except comments before my Startup-Gcode as that has a high risk of messing something up. And it's no longer "Startup G-Code" when things are inserted in front of it.
  10. Not so fast, I think this is a real issue. And you should not disable the flag "Heated bed", unless your printer really has no heated bed! If you do that Cura will not automatically insert any G-codes to control bed temperature. See my screenshot, Cura is inserting my "initial layer bed temperature" before my own start G-code settings, and since I use "material_bed_temperature" for automatic bed levelling, that "initial layer bed temperature" is effectively overridden. It correctly inserts "material bed temperature" after the initial layer further down in the code, but since it in
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