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  1. Hi. I face some issues when I print with PVA. Is this normal, this stringy, messy look? I often have ER65 on extruder#2, and then I just can continue the print? Ultimaker PVA, 16 hours in a 50 degrees Celcius oven before inserting it into the material station. Extruder 1 : AA0.4 Extruder 2 : BB0.8 Ultimaker S5 Pro bundle
  2. I too have problems with not recognizing the material. But its like that after each firmwareupdate? Since yesterday everything has been running like crap, but I honestly do not think its the firmware that's to blame. THe lights out function in the material station is NICE.
  3. I see the same issue quite often. New firmware seems to help. I have updated it some times already. It also helps when the network functionally seems to have an error.
  4. Thank you for the reply. I managed to change it with the rename printer method. The IT department was very helpfull and let me connect to the network although the hostname didn't look exactly like the wanted it to.
  5. Hello We recently bought a S5 and I would like to connect it to the company network. For me to do that, I need to change the hostname of the printer, to a name fitting in our system. We are a big company with very strict rules of out IT systems. Is there any way to that? Best regards Søren
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