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  1. Hi! Yes, simply updating Kubuntu did the trick for me! But, this maybe more important to you, the problems on my old system (see my other post below, where I described nearly the same problems as yours) were solved by clearing the cura cache. There is a directory /.cache/cura/ in your home directory, which I simply renamed and after that cura works as smoothly as before, it created a new cache folder and I deleted the old one. Since then all is perfect! Good Luck!
  2. This problem is solved, Kubuntu provided some little system updates in the last few days, now Cura is running! Don't know what exactly solved it, but I am not such a nerd that this would interest me really 😉
  3. @getglenn: Hi, read your last post... I don't have a qtshadercache-folder, at least not in ./cache, but there is a cura-folder there with a /qmlcache sub-folder. I simply renamed the cura-folder, started the appimage and... it worked! Cura created a new /cache/cura folder, after one use nearly empty, while the old cura-cache was nearly 700 MB (!) something went wrong there... So, now its REALLY solved (i hope)... the second problem - see my separate post: is now also solved, there were some (very little) updates for Kubuntu in the last days and now its running! Thanks al
  4. Hi everyone, after migrating to a brand new Linux Version (Kubuntu 18.04) and Cura 4.5 appimage, I got a weird problem... Cura starts quickly and smoothly, but the upper right quarter of the window remains white and some other icons are missing also. Cura works, I can click on everything visible and get the right reactions, but not in the upper right quarter. This quarter remains, even if I downsize the whole window, it's not a problem of the screen. Also, other programs (gimp, libreoffice...) work without that problem. Restarts didn't help. Out of curiosity I also donw
  5. Tried a lot of things now, but didn't help 😡... Think this will be left unsolved, because before I get too frustrated 🙄 I decided to switch my whole system to new kubuntu (which I already planned for some time) and then go with the newest version of cura... So thank you all for the tips and wish me luck 😎 Cheers!
  6. Hi! Thanks for looking over, obviously you are right that it has nothing to do with the FreeCAD plugin, because after a few times working with cura without any problems, just now it happened again (FreeCAD plugin is still not installed again). So it was probably just a coincidence. Good for you, bad for me 😉 I have again attached the two logs, perhaps someone has another idea?! And again just before weekend with lots to do 😞 stderr.log cura.log
  7. Yes, I attached it here! Thanks for your interest, hope it helps... @maht: Thanks also for the tag 😉 cura.log
  8. A little trying solved the problem: Some time ago I installed the plugin "FreeCAD Integration" but never used it. As I read about problems with it, I simply deleted it by hand from the path (in my case: /.local/share/cura/4.2/plugins/). And now Cura is working again how it should! Great! But WHY, that remains a mystery?!?
  9. Falls jemand das Problem auch hatte und keine Lösung gefunden hat bisher: Ich hatte vor einer Weile das plugin "FreeCad Integration" installiert, aber nie benutzt. Dies habe ich per Hand aus dem entsprechenden Pfad (bei mir: /.local/share/cura/4.2/plugins/) gelöscht, und siehe da: Cura geht wieder! Warum es jetzt grade Probleme gemacht hat, auch wenn es schon eine Weile installiert war... wer weiß?!?
  10. Hi Community, I'm using Cura (appimage 4.2.1.) since a couple of months on a Linux PC (with a not-brand-new SuSe 13.1) without any problems. Starting just some hours ago the PC freezes after the appimage start (tried it several times). Means, the little Cura windows with the Ultimaker Tobot appears, like always, then the normal Cura window appears very briefly, then the screen gets black, then back to normal but from this point on there is no reaction at all, no mouse, no keyboard interaction is possible, just a restart with the reset button on the PC (VERY seldom with
  11. Hallo zusammen, ich benutze Cura (appimage, 4.2.1) seit Monaten auf einem Linux-PC (mit zugegeben schon etwas älterem openSUSE 13.1) ausgiebig ohne jede Probleme. Gerade eben wie aus heiterem Himmel friert der PC nach Start des appimage jedesmal ein (mehrmals probiert). D.h., das kleine cura-Fenster (mit dem Ultimaker-Roboter) erscheint in der Bildschirmmitte, wie üblich, sobald es verschwindet und dem "normalen" Cura-Fenster Platz macht, wird der Bildschirm kurz schwarz, dann wieder normal, es ist aber ab da keine Eingabe möglich, weder per Tastatur noch Maus. Es hilft
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