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  1. Greetings, I am using some ColorFabb nGen_LUX Filament, and the stuff works great however... The recommendation is to use Eastman Amphora AM3300 for the Filament type. The challenge is that there is only one color "Generic". I tried creating duplicates using Cura, one for each color that I have "Diamond Black" "Regal Violet" "Champagne Gold" however those don't get uploaded to the S5 / Material station so I can't load multiple spools of the ColorFabb nGen_LUX Filament with different colors. When I try the Material Station just indicates AM3300 Generic. So
  2. Greetings, I am running into an issue with the AquaSys 120 and Ultimaker PC filament, with the support autogenerated by Cura. The AquaSys 120 support filament is not adhering to the Ultimaker PC material at all on the sides of the part. The AquaSys 120 filament is bunching up in chunks. I have attached the Cura project which is the latest attempt with slightly slower print speed, 10% reduction, as recommended when having this type of issue. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Note: The brim, composed of the AquaSys 120 looks good, its clear
  3. In speaking with 3d Universe they indicated: "This material is infused with copper nanoparticles. Since the particles are so small, it is not an abrasive material, so a standard nozzle and standard PLA settings can be used. When loading it into the Ultimaker S5 Material Station, you would just select "Generic PLA" as the type." Hope that helps
  4. Regarding the ER998 issue, the Ultimaker Support team indicated a roadmap for fully addressing the issue. [Miguel]: "Using version 5.5.12 you will still experience ER998, but with less frequency. Our ambition is to be able to get rid of these ER998 completely in the 5.6 version, so please bear with us. While 5.4 and 5.5 are necessary for operating the pro bundle, users of standalone S5's also receive some benefits: - Less blobs when printing at a high rate of segments - More robust functionality when using Ultimaker Cloud" I am running 5.5.12 no
  5. Does anyone know what the recommended print core is and settings are to print using Copper3D PLACTIVE AN1 - Antibacterial PLA Filament on an Ultimaker s5?
  6. Hi Miguel, Thank yo so very much!
  7. Greetings, I have an Ultimaker s5 with the Air Handler and Material station. Let me start off by saying what a fantastic 3d print system this is. You all did a fantastic job on it. The build quality is outstanding. I am running into an issue though that I would love some help with. I am consistently seeing the ER998 on the touch screen display when printing. It does not appear to effect the print but requires the s5 to be turned off and turned back on again after the print is complete. It seems to happen only on print jobs lasting more than 7 or so hours.
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