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  1. Hi Guys, Great find in the Plugins. Is it just me, that when doing the retraction distance test (not tried it for speed yet), but right at the end of the print it seems to crash. The nozzle/hotend stays at the top of the 5 segment and just melts a great blob of filament? Dizzwold.
  2. Hi All, Is it possible to do a retraction tower like you would a temperature tower? is there an extension or plug-in where you can change retraction distance and speed at height/layer? Is Linear Move Retraction in ChangeAtZ what I'm looking to do? Dizzwold.
  3. Hi All, Just setup another computer and fooling around, when I stumbled upon a post regarding a Cloud Based Backup Plugin. Does any one know what happened to this? I thought it might be useful, especially with my clumsy thumbs for fingers. LOL. Dizzwold.
  4. Hi All, On my Tronxy X5SA Pro, I plan swap-out the stock (PL-08N), Z axis sensor for one that detects at a greater range to use a glass bed. The problem with this, is that the sensor also detects a greater range around the side. This may involve having to reposition the sensor on the other side of the carriage, making about 60mm inwards on the Y axis from where the stock sensor normally sit's. This may then make the auto level not detect on the back of the bed, as the sensor will be over hanging the bed. I've had a quick look in Cura, but I d
  5. @tinkergnome, Cheers for that. I have all I need now Issue solved. Thank you. Dizzwold.
  6. Hmm, "Mea culpa". A novel choice of words. I had to google that, ‘Sad, I know’. LOL. Thank you for the reply. I'll give 4.7 a bash. Dizzwold.
  7. Hi Guy's, Just ‘built’, my first printer, a Tronxy X5SA Pro. The software that comes with the printer is for Windows, and of-course I'm a Mac user. So Ive just downloaded Cura 4.6.2 to use as my slicing software. Now similar to the post below "New to Cura", I've just opened-up, and ran Cura for the first time. I've selected "Non Network Printer", then scrolled down to select my Tronxy ‘such as shown in the post below ‘new to Cura", but I don't see any Tronxy printers to select from? Do I need to download a patch or something? If so does anyone have a lin
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