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  1. What is the black color in Preview Layer View? The black color is there in every layers (the shade changes though as seen in layer 1 and layer 11 in first and second image). Note: seems like it prints fine and the black part is printed normally.
  2. I am trying to print a small object with thin areas. The bottom side/layer (side that is attached to the build plate) in the first picture (IMG_6238.jpg) has gaps and holes (basically not smooth). The top side in the second picture (IMG_6239.jpg) shows a smooth surface which is what I want. I am using Cura and printing on FlashForge creator pro. My nozzle is 0.4mm and my line width is 0.4mm. I have try many settings such as enabling "Fill Gaps Between Walls", enabling "Filter Out Tiny Gaps", changing "Wall Line Count" to 1, enabling "Compensate Wall Overlaps", increasing "Minimum Wall Flo
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